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Overland-Tandberg™ is the unified brand that leverages the combined 50-plus-year history of Sphere 3D Corp subsidiaries, Overland Storage and Tandberg Data. With over one million units deployed worldwide, Overland-Tandberg delivers data management, backup and archive solutions via hybrid Cloud, Cloud and on-premises implementations through its global reseller network in over 90 countries. For more information, visit and
  • Tandberg Data RDX® Media

    RDX Removable Disk Media

    The RDX® Technology is a disk based removable media storage-system which offers the best of disk, like fast random access performance, high transfer rate and data reliability and the best of tape, like removability and portability, long archival life and affordability. It consists of a RDX drive and RDX media, which are fully forward and backward compatible.

    Backup Standard

    RDX is a backup standard in the SMB environment and already over 2.5 million RDX media have been shipped worldwide with a capacity of more than 1.2ExaByte. As Tandberg Data is the technology owner of RDX, also many major OEMs have decided to add the RDX technology into their portfolio.

    Unique Media Design
    • Rugged, reliable and removable
    • Easy and unsophisticated handling
    • Never become obsolete with full forward and backward compatibility
    • Media qualification with business grade disk-drive selection processes
  • Tandberg Data RDX® QuickStation™ 4

    Highly flexible removable disk array for automated data protection, disaster recovery and archiving

    The Tandberg Data RDX® QuikStation™ 4 is an iSCSI network-attached removable disk  array designed to provide a flexible platform for data protection and off-site disaster recovery for physical or virtual SMB and SME environments as well as Hybrid-Cloud applications.

    The RDX QuikStation 4 provides four integrated RDX drives. Combined with Tandberg Data's high capacity RDX removable media, the system offers online storage with unlimited offline storage capacity.

    • Ideal device for backup, archiving, data distribution and data seeding for businesses.
    • iSCSI connectivity allows easy integration into virtual, physical or hybrid environments for versatile storage applications.
    • RDX combines the benefits of disk and tape, allowing fast and secure data access with long term off-site archiving.
    • Volume spanning to overcome single RDX media capacity limitation. Removability for unlimited off-site storage capacity.
    • Use removable disk media with Windows Backup Utility.
    • Accessible from any standard web browser for user-friendly administration as well as automatic software updates.
    • Full forward and backward compatibility to all RDX media means no data migration effort.
    • The QuikStation 4 can be integrated in existing 19“-racks as well as placed on a desk for use in small office environments.
    • RDX removability means that RDX media that is not currently in use can be taken offline to minimize data center power and cooling needs. High density 1U Form Factor packs a lot of functionality in a very small space minimizing impact on data center space requirements.
    • 2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet provides high availability network connectivity. Bonded, active backup/failover or adaptive load balancing.
    • Facilitates easy integration into existing data protection infrastructures. Compatible with Windows®, Linux, and Mac.
    • Start protecting data fast, no special knowledge or training required.
  • Tandberg Data RDX® QuickStation™ 8

    Highly flexible and highly performant removable disk appliance

    RDX QuikStation 8 is an iSCSI network-attached removable disk appliance designed to provide a flexible platform for data protection and off site disaster recovery for physical or virtual SMB and SME environments. The RDX QuikStation 8 provides 8 integrated RDX drives. Combined with Tandberg Data’s 4TB RDX media, the system provides up to 32TB of online capacity and unlimited offline capacity.

    Disk Modes:
    • 8 individual RDX QuikStor drives in removable and fixed disk mode (addressable via 1 to 8 hosts)
    • 2 Logical Volumes with up to 4 RDX Drives** (addressable via 2 hosts)
    • 1 Logical Volume with up to 8 RDX Drives** (addressable via 1 host)
    Automation Modes:
    • Emulated StorageLoader™ (8 slots and 1 LTO tape drive)*
    • Emulated StorageLibrary™ T24 (8 slots and 2 LTO tape drives)*
    • Emulated disk autoloader (8 slots and 1 drive)
    Hybrid Mode:
    • 1 hybrid configuration that offers a combination of a LTO StorageLoader and 4 RDX targets
  • Tandberg Data RDX® QuadPAK™

    Professional Rack Mount Kit for RDX QuikStor Drives

    The Tandberg Data RDX QuadPAK provides an easy to use and highly affordable rackmount solution for RDX customers. The RDX QuadPAK allows up to 4 RDX external drives to be securely installed in a 19" rack to simplify backup and restore operations. This enables RDX to coexist with other IT equipment like servers, disk systems and network components in one rack.

    • Professionality - Best value solution for utilizing RDX within a 19" rack
    • Scalability - Install up to 4 RDX external drives, increasing capacity and performance
    • Flexibility - Serving multiple servers, establish media spanning and media rotation
    • Usability - Add or remove RDX drives in seconds, all screws and parts are accessible from the front
    • Compatibility - Compact design fully compatible with all 19" racks, very slight depth (248mm, 9.45in)
  • Tandberg Data RDX® QuikStor™

    Removable Disk System

    The RDX QuikStor media-based removable storage system offers rugged, reliable and convenient storage for backup, archive, data interchange and disaster recovery. It provides enterprise performance and fast access, with transfer rates of up to 1,188 GB/hr and capacities up to 4TB per cartridge.

    • Vast capacities: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB or 4TB of hard disk capacity or 128 GB or 256 GB of solid-state disk capacity on one piece of media.
    • Fast access: Blistering disk-based speed and access provides up to 330 MB/s* with SATA III or 260 MB/s* with SuperSpeed USB3.0
    • Shock-proof design: Ruggedized media
    • Hardware Encryption aware***
    • Convenient & Secure: Expand capacity and span backups across media. Media rotation and off-site copies for archiving and peace of mind
    • Mobile: The external USB3+ version can be used as a mobile storage device
    • Windows-Backup support**
    • Interface: SATA III or USB3.0 high speed
    • Greater than a 10-year archive life
    • Cost-effective solution that suits all sectors from SOHO to departmental users
    • Full backward and forward compatibility
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