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SolarWinds MSP empowers IT service providers with technologies to fuel their success. Solutions that integrate layered security, collective intelligence, and smart automation—both on-premises and in the cloud, backed by actionable data insights, help IT service providers get the job done easier and faster. SolarWinds MSP helps our customers focus on what matters most—meeting their SLAs and delivering services efficiently and effectively.
  • Remote Monitoring & Management (Cloud)

    The IT Tools You Need in One Dashboard

    SolarWinds RMM gives you a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently secure, maintain, and improve IT in a single dashboard, including:
    The IT Tools You Need in One Dashboard

    • Patch management
    • Web protection
    • Prescriptive data analytics
    • Data breach risk intelligence
    • Managed antivirus
    • Remote access
    • Automated monitoring and maintenance
    • Backup and recovery
  • Remote Monitoring & Management

    Manage Complex Networks from One Powerful IT Platform

    As networks grow in complexity and scale to thousands or tens of thousands of devices, IT service providers need powerful tools to help them keep up. SolarWinds® N-central® gives you that power

    • Monitoring and management of Windows®, Mac®, Linux®, VMware® and network devices
    • Automation of MSP-related activities
    • Patch Management
    • Antivirus
    • Backup and recovery
    • Integrated PSA
    • Fast remote control
    • Choice of on-premises or hosted deployments
  • Back up

    Lightning-Quick Recovery Restores Business Continuity after Any Disaster

    When the disaster phone call comes, how will you respond? Whether it comes from a technology failure, a natural disaster, or just user error, SolarWinds® Backup restores business continuity fast.

    • Continuous Recovery
    • Data Archiving
    • File Versioning
    • Software Only
    • Security-Focused Storage
    • Bare Metal Recovery
    • Faster Backups and Restores
    • Hybrid Cloud Recovery
    • Virtual Disaster Recovery
    • Virtual Machine Backups
  • Help Desk

    Help Desk Software That Gets Out of Your Way

    SolarWinds® MSP Manager™ breaks this pattern by giving you the ability to capture the critical elements you need without bogging you down in minutia.
    MSP Manager helps you provide value that keeps your clients loyal with features like:

    • Intuitive, lightweight ticketing
    • Batch billing exports
    • Customer and knowledge management
    • Mobile applications
    • Reporting dashboards
    • Scheduling that exports to external calendar programs
    • Branded customer portal
  • Email Management

    Maintain Email Continuity Even During an Outage

    With SolarWinds® MSP Mail, users can log into their dashboards to send and receive email, even if a business’s on-premises or cloud-based mail infrastructure fails.
    MSP Mail provides best-in-class email security and email continuity with such features as:

    • 24/7 email continuity
    • Robust email security, including zero-hour detection
    • Encrypted, tamper-proof email archive
    • Additional security for Office 365
    • Unlimited email storage with zero maintenance
    • Advanced search and restore features
  • Data Security

    Build the Business Case for Effective Security Investments

    SolarWinds® Risk Intelligence makes it concrete by assigning value to your data vulnerability, helping you build a strong business case for data protection and triage the most important problems to tackle. 

    • Data risk communicated as financial impact
    • At-risk data discovery
    • Deep vulnerability scanning
    • Risk trending reports
    • Discovery of inappropriate access and alerts
    • PCI, PAN & PII scans
  • Remote Control

    Solve Tickets Fast

    Remote control should be convenient for both you and your clients. SolarWinds® MSP Anywhere™ was built to give you that convenience—fast, reliable connections that let you get in, get the job done, and quickly move on with your day.
    MSP Anywhere provides the tools you need to provide an outstanding user experience, including:

    • Fast connection speeds
    • Live chat
    • Easy support request options, including a  desktop executable, a system tray icon, and web requests
    • Special key support
    • Silent file transfers
    • Bash shell access
    • Session recordings
    • Productivity reports
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