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  • Rainbow Call

    Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, Communication Platform (CPaaS) that connects people and systems. It creates an integrated and innovative cloud-based collaborative workspace for business users and their contacts. 

    The service offers contact management, presence, persistent messaging, audio/video calls, screen and file sharing. Available on desktops and smart-phones. 

    • Be Spontaneous
      Easily chat and share files, get the best messaging for your business
    • Be Engaged
      Instantly make audio or video calls and share your screen with just a click
    • Be in Control
      Lead your business with enterprise-grade control
  • OmniSwitch 6450-10

    The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch™ 6450 Stackable Gigabit Ethernet LAN value switch family includes a series of 10 port models (non-PoE, PoE, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet) for classroom, workgroup and small enterprise segments. Designed with an optimized size, low-power consumption, fan-less operation and a rich software feature set, the OmniSwitch 6450-10 models provide a highly available, self-protective, easily managed and eco-friendly collocation solution.

    Service providers offering managed services have the option to install the Metro Services license enabling a set of Metro Ethernet features. This allows the OmniSwitch 6450-10 port models to be quickly integrated into the provider's network as advanced customer premise equipment (CPE) devices.

    • Offers 10/P10 gigabit models or fast ethernet 10L/P10L models with upgrade path to gigabit speeds
    • All models have small, optimized form factor and are fan-less (except the –P10S)
    • Optional Metro Services feature license option for service provider deployments
    • Support for IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at-compliant and 4 pair PoE compliant with Power over HDBaseT
    • Internal AC power supply on all models
    • IEEE 1588v2 Transparent Clock with the –P10S model

    Download Datasheet
  • OmniSwitch 6250

    The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch™ 6250 is a stackable layer-2+ Fast Ethernet LAN value switch family for both the enterprise and Ethernet access segments. The enterprise models address the small and mid-sized enterprise edge and branch office environments, while the metro models address the residential and business Ethernet access supplied by service providers.

    With an optimized design for flexibility and scalability as well as low power consumption, the OmniSwitch 6250 runs the field-proven Alcatel-Lucent Operating System (AOS), providing an outstanding edge solution for highly available, self-protective, easily managed and eco-friendly networks.

    • Offers innovative half-rack-wide models for a great variety of switch combination deployments
    • Highly efficient and optimized in their form factor, power consumption and acoustic output
    • A feature-rich, cost-effective, 10/100 stackable switch built on the latest ASIC technologies
    • Scalability from 24 to 192 Fast Ethernet and 16-gigabit uplink ports  
    • The Alcatel-Lucent virtual chassis design provides resiliency with integrated 5 G HDMI performance
    • Optional metro services feature license for service provider deployments
    • Support for IEEE 802.3af as well as IEEE 802.3at-compliant PoE
    • AC or DC redundant power supplies
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty Software and Hardware Support included
  • OXO Connect

    Simple, Robust, Connected: an all-in-one, end-to-end converged solution for voice and data, with zero-touch deployment OXO Connect is our new generation of OmniPCX Office RCE, a robust communication server for enhanced telephony up to 300 users. OXO Connect delivers a 3-year support to protect your investment. Our goal is to offer a hybrid approach with simple telephony and UC solutions with less complicated systems delivered on the SMB premises and value-added services provided in the cloud. - See more at:

    • Extended capacity up to 300 users to address larger scope of SMBs
    • Modular, flexible and scalable to meet the needs of SMBs
    • Offers next-generation enterprise communication experience on PC, deskphones, smartphones
    • Provides full-featured access to enterprise communications services across devices, on or off site
    • Increases communication efficiency for employees, offering new opportunities to reach contacts
    • Increases customer satisfaction by improving call resolution with embedded voice-centric customer service
    • Reduces communication costs and enables a choice of network configurations and IP, IP/TDM or TDM endpoints, minimizing additional investment and enabling a smooth migration thanks to IP telephony infrastructure flexibility and software scalability
    • Reduces total cost of ownership for business communication and conversation services with simplified and unified management
    • Easy installation in full voice environment and/or converged voice/data environment at reduced cost with plug-and-play and zero-touch deployment
    • Optimized installation ready for next generation of communications with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) at the core
    • Professional Hospitality offer to better address the 2&3 stars hotels
  • Virtualized Cloud Services

    Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) is the datacenter and cloud networking framework of Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP). It lets you automate the configuration, management and optimization of virtual networks, including security services that provide tenant isolation and access controls to individual applications and workloads.

    Designed for service providers and enterprises, VCS is a non-disruptive software-defined networking (SDN) overlay for all virtualized and non-virtualized server and network resources. It is transparent to the underlying physical infrastructure and provides a complete cloud networking framework that requires no specialized hardware. You can install all components of VCS in Docker containers, hypervisors or virtual machines.

    • Make your network as dynamic and flexible as compute resources by automating instantiation of network services and devices
    • Gain a competitive advantage by supporting open-source and emerging tools such as Docker containers
    • Scale to meet the demands of thousands of tenants that have unique application requirements, distinct security policies and committed service levels
    • Apply granular security policies in an intelligent, consistent and provable way across the entire cloud
  • Virtualized Network Services

    Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) automate branch site connectivity to help service providers and enterprises reduce operational overhead and launch new services faster.

    Today, network programmability and policy-based automation exist in silos between the datacenter or cloud and the enterprise WAN:

    • The datacenter has its own networking environment focused on virtual applications and workload mobility.
    • The WAN needs to connect branches, the private cloud and public cloud providers, all of which have specific service and security requirements.

    With Nuage Networks VNS, you can integrate these two functional islands to create a single, cohesive cloud environment. This integration helps you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT operations across multiple sites and technologies.

    Nuage Networks VNS gives you deployment options for cloud integration and branch VPN services. You can use these options to add new automation and on-demand service capabilities to your existing VPN and MPLS offerings.
  • Virtualized Security Services

    Nuage Networks Virtualized Security Services (VSS) let you use the power of software-defined networking (SDN) to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents across the WAN, datacenter and cloud.

    VSS is the industry’s first distributed, end-to-end (cloud, datacenter, branch) software-defined network security, visibility and security automation solution.

    • Prevent security incidents by minimizing attack surface with software-defined segmentation and policy enforcement across cloud, data center and branch
    • Detect security threats and monitor compliance with contextual network visibility and security analytics
    • Respond in near-real time to incidents by dynamically automating security remediation processes
  • Virtualized Services Assurance Platform

    The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) illuminates the connections between SDN overlays and the underlying physical IP network infrastructure. By providing this correlation, VSAP makes it possible for Enterprise IT to operationalize their highly dynamic and heterogeneous virtual environments.

    • VSAP does exactly that. If a link goes down in the multi-vendor underlay network, VSAP alerts IT Operations. They will know precisely which customers, applications, services or virtual machines are affected, and can quickly take remedial action.
    • VSAP provides the visibility needed to operationalize virtual networks without sacrificing freedom of choice. That’s the kind of insight that’s sure to give Enterprise IT peace of mind.
  • Virtualized Services Platform

    Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) provides software-defined networking (SDN) and policy-based automation for cloud deployments. Designed for large enterprises and service providers, it supports clouds of all sizes and architectures, from datacenter private clouds to large enterprise wide area networks (WANs) and some of the largest public clouds in the world.

    You can use Nuage Networks VSP as a virtual overlay network platform for all your existing virtual and physical server and network resources. This open SDN and SD-WAN platform helps you avoid vendor lock-in. It requires no proprietary or purpose-built hardware. And it supports all major virtualization and cloud management platforms, from Docker containers and traditional virtual machines to OpenStack and CloudStack.

    • Make your network as dynamic and consumable as compute infrastructure by automating the instantiation of network and security services

    • Increase business agility by putting cloud networks, services and remote sites into production quickly enough to meet immediate business demand

    • Make your network flexible and future-proof by leveraging open source and emerging tools to extend a corporate and cloud-wide platform across all technologies

    • Scale to meet the demands of thousands of tenants with unique application requirements, distinct security policies and committed service levels
  • SonicWall SuperMassive Series

    Uncompromising, high-performance, next-generation firewall protection for your enterprise network

    The SonicWall SuperMassive Series is SonicWall’s next-generation firewall (NGFW) platform designed for large networks to deliver scalability, reliabilit and deep security at multi-gigabit speeds with near zero latency. Built to meet the needs of enterprise, government, university and service provider deployments, the SuperMassive Series is ideal for securing enterprise networks, data centers and service providers.

    Combining its massively multi-core architecture and SonicWall’s patented*
    Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® (RFDPI) technology, the SuperMassive E10000 and 9000 Series deliver industry-leading application
    control, intrusion prevention, malware protection and SSL inspection at multigigabit speeds. The SuperMassive Series is designed with power, space
    and cooling (PSC) in mind, providing the leading Gbps/watt NGFW in the
    industry for application control and threat prevention.

    • High-performance security
    • Protection against today’s emerging threats
    • Easy monitoring and control of application traffic
    • Centralized and unified management
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