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3skeng is a 3D engineering extension for Trimble SketchUp, continuously developed and improved by software specialists to support their co-working engineers during their engineering projects. 3skeng enables fast initial designs and is able to apply changes in real-time during the design process of piping, ventilation, steelwork and much more…
  • 3skeng Channel Tool

    All you need to draw (conceptual) Channel (Ventilation) models is integrated in this tool.

    Straight channels, t-pieces, reducers (also changeover to round for pipe tool) and elbows (round and square) are generated and connected in a smooth workflow with only few mouse-clicks.
    You can determine channel dimensions and lengths with only a few clicks. Magnetic points and a memory function are powerful parts of the tool and assist in the process.

  • 3skeng Steelwork Tool

    All you need to draw Steelwork models with straight and chamfered segments. A memory function assists in the process.

    An extensive built-in library allows you to choose from many different standards from all over the world.

  • 3skeng Mount Tool

    All you need to draw secondary/support steelwork models with proper fittings, supports and more.
    A memory function assists you in the process. Available libraries allow you to choose from different channel types.

    The "Mount Tool" recognizes 3skeng Pipe elements and assists by a) proper pre-selection from the available variety of pipe and duct clips and b) auto-alignment of rotation, position and elevation simply by double-click.

    The "Mount Tool" also recognizes 3skeng Steelwork elements to correctly attach supports to the top of steel beam flanges and beam clamps to the side of steel beam flanges.

  • 3skeng Pipe Tool

    3skeng Pipe Tool using the conceptual mode

    All you need to model conceptual pipelines is integrated in this tool.
    Pipes, T-pieces, Y-pieces, reducers as well as elbows are generated and connected in a smooth workflow with only few mouse-clicks.
    You have access to the most common standards (ANSI, ASME, ISO EN and JIS) and determine the dimensions of fittings with only a few clicks. Magnetic points and a memory function are powerful parts of the tool and assist your customers in the process.

    3skeng Pipe Tool using the detail mode with libraries

    The detail mode brings 3D piping design to a completely new level. The access to detail mode (switchable in the 3skeng client) allows you to use libraries with dimensions that are actually available on the market. Detailed pipe libraries are available on the library page.
    The embedded auto-pipe function helps you to connect 3skeng components and allows you to select one of the possible configurations. Auto-Pipe is available for both conceptual and detail mode.

  • 3skeng List Tool

    3skeng List adds spreadsheet capabilities to SketchUp. Our brand-new extension allows you to interact and work with SketchUp entities in data-based views. List, filter, sort and multi-edit. Create a bill of materials, a parts list or a report and export it to Excel (.XLSX).

    Work more efficiently with 3skeng List
    Powerful and interactive filtering, sorting and editing features help you to work most efficiently even in very large models. 3skeng List is not only helpful for editing element properties but also for making both complex and large selections that might be impossible to make otherwise. The spreadsheet view is always in sync with the 3D model. Changing data within 3skeng List (e.g. coordinates or name properties) results in immediate changes in the SketchUp model and vice versa! Sub-Selections are highlighted interactively in the 3D view.

    3skeng List keeps your model clean
    3skeng List was designed to support professionals in their everyday work. It is packed with features that help to keep the model clean or find and solve errors. You can find duplicate entities, convert multiple groups to components or replace multiple components with another component of the selection. Round coordinates to the precision you prefer. Having a clean model is the foundation for high quality results.

    3skeng List exports your meta data
    Of course, all spreadsheet views can be exported nicely formatted to Excel (.xlsx file format), or copied as plain text directly to the clipboard. You can use the definition, instance, layer and material names to add custom data columns to your components (by using the character "^" as separator in the names). Save your filter and column settings in customized list views to reuse them for repeating work. Tip: Referencing exported Excel spreadsheets in prepared Excel templates or in Trimble Layout gives you a fluent workflow for fast and reliable report generation!
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