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Actifio helps over 2700 global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 37 countries around the world virtualize their data, just as they virtualized their applications and infrastructure. Our Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology decouples data from infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements in business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud.
  • Sky for Google Cloud

    Protect on-prem workloads as well as workloads running in Google Compute Engine (GCE) and replicate to another Google Cloud region for on-demand disaster recovery, long term data retention, and on-demand database cloning.

    Recover Multi-Terabyte Data in Minutes (SAP HANA, MS SQL, and more)

    ●Actifio Sky running in Google Compute Engine (GCE) uses persistent disk to store backup data. It incorporates powerful data virtualization technology to instantly mount backup data to on-demand GCE instances and delivers low Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

    Satisfy Long Term Data Retention Needs
    ●Actifio Sky incorporates the unique ability to deliver instant access to data stored in Google Nearline Object Storage irrespective of whether the data is days or decades old. 

    Secure Data with Encryption and Satisfy Compliance Needs
    ●All data is encrypted using AES256 when replicated to remote Actifio Sky instances in GCE. GCE encrypts data before writing to persistent disks. You have the option to specify encryption keys. Actifio also provides role based access control and an audit trail for added security.

    Clone Multi-Terabyte Databases in Minutes for DevOps
     ●Information that is protected by Actifio Sky in persistent disk for backups can also be leveraged to provision multiple virtual database clones for Dev, QA, UAT,Other backup products typically take hours or days to create physical clones with 10x or more storage required in test environments.

    Reduce Backup Window
     ●Actifio performs incremental forever backups for everything i.e. SAP HANA, MS SQL, PostgreSQL & other databases, VMs, physical servers and NAS filers. This process reduces the backup window by up to 10x and significantly decreases the storage IO and network IO of production applications.
  • Sky for IBM Bluemix Cloud

    This Solution, built on IBM Storage, enables the instant creation of database copies while using virtually no additional storage capacity. These copies can be used by DBAs and DevOps teams to accelerate application development or for instant recovery from an unexpected outage. The copies can be presented either locally, in a remote datacenter or in the cloud for ultimate flexibility. 

    • Instant Virtual Copies
    • Instant Point-in-Time History
    • Database Consistency
    • Cloud Ready
    • Self-Service
    • API Integration
  • Sky for Oracle Cloud

    Oracle databases can be deployed in a variety of different storage architecture such as standalone file system, standalone ASM or RAC with ASM. Enterprises can deploy Oracle databases with a variety of infrastructure options including custom configurations, Oracle cloud, Oracle Virtual Machines, or Exadata appliances. Enterprises can also use Oracle Data Guard (Active / Passive or Active / Active), or Oracle Redgate.

    Backup & Disaster Recovery

    -Actifio Sky supports Oracle ASM environments and allows automated migration of fail-over production databases from Actifio storage to production storage with zero down time

    Database Cloning
    -The virtual copies do not take any extra storage space. For example: 20 users/projects can create 20 virtual copies of a 5 TB database without consuming any extra storage. Incremental extra storage is only required to store changes corresponding to modifications done to a virtual database clone

    Data Retention
    - Users can specify backup data to be stored in multiple locations such as disk with its software deduplication, or S3 API compliant object storage on-premises or in cloud with software compression
  • Sky for Microsoft Azure

    Actifio Sky to manage copies of production application data for backup, vault, disaster recovery, and test data management in Azure.

    Adopt an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Faster

    • Move data between Azure and data centers by policy or on-demand
    • Get flexibility of Azure without sacrificing enterprise controls
    • Maintain consistent enterprise SLAs globally

    Build Higher Quality Applications Faster

    • Get features to market faster with better testing
    • Cut provisioning times for SQL and Oracle test databases to minutes
    • Improve data security in cloud
    • Lower DevOps operational and infrastructure costs

    Improve Business Resiliency

    • Improve business SLAs with on-demand and scalable instant recovery
    • Reduce compliance and legal risk with instant access from long-term data retention vault
    • Reduce risk, cost and complexity
  • Sky for Amazon AWS Cloud

    Actifio Sky for AWS is the Actifio software made available in a virtual appliance. Organizations can leverage Actifio Sky on their own premises as well as in AWS. Those who have their own AWS accounts and are well versed with AWS infrastructure provisioning can leverage their own tools to provision AWS infrastructure on demand, and deploy Actifio Sky for AWS in that infrastructure. Organizations can use Actifio Sky for AWS to store data for long term data retention, recover application data in AWS EC2 instances, and provision virtual copies of application data sets in AWS EC2 instances for dev/test use cases.

    • Instant data recovery for mission critical applications and databases in AWS
    • Accelerate Backup and DR modernization using AWS
    • Leverage AWS S3 for long-term data retention with instant data access
    • Automate database cloning for DevOps using on-demand EC2
    • Migrate data from on-premises to AWS RDS instances
  • Sky DB

    This software-only appliance is delivered as a virtual machine and enables the instant creation of database copies while using virtually no additional storage capacity. These copies can be used by DevOps teams to accelerate application development or for instant recovery from an unexpected outage. 

    • Instant Virtual Copies
    • Instant Recoveries
    • Self Service
    • Database Consistency
    • Bookmarks
    • Cloud Ready
    • Automated Data Masking
  • Sky Basic & Sky Advanced

    Actifio Sky Basic and Advanced address these data protection challenges by delivering rapid incremental forever backups and scalable instant recovery. Both include a comprehensive set of application consistent snapshot, backup, scalable instant recovery, deduplication, compression, replication, vaulting and orchestrated recovery features. Sky Basic provides a powerful and cost effective solution to protect virtualized environments. Sky Advanced adds support for physical servers and NAS devices.

    • ‘Scalable’ Instant Recovery for Databases
    • DR Orchestration
    • Incremental Forever Backup
    • Long Term Data Retention
    • Application Consistent
    • Cloud & Storage Independent
    • Enterprise Application and Environment Support
    • Web Scale Management
  • Platform Architecture

    VDP virtualizes copy data, allowing IT administrators to support many data protection and availability use cases through a single storage platform, all from only one golden copy of your production data. Efficiently captured data is stored for quick access while also deduplicated and compressed for backup or long-term retention. Efficiently managed through workflows, VDP allows IT administrators to access a single, any point-in-time copy of your primary data, through Mount, Clone, LiveClone™, or Restore operation, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

    Actifio’s offerings are built on the same underlying platform architecture, the patented Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP).   Built on a globally distributed object file system, VDP core functions include:

    • Capturing & virtualizing data at block level, in native application format
    • Managing lifestyle by SLA
    • Enabling use of data via instant mount, clone, liveclone or restore 
    • Deduplication of data
    • Compression of Data
    • Replication of data
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