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Clearswift is trusted by organisations globally to protect their critical information, giving them the freedom to securely collaborate and drive business growth. Our unique technology supports a straightforward and ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention solution, avoiding the risk of business interruption and enabling organisations to have 100% visibility of their critical information 100% of the time.
  • Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway & F5

    As a member of the F5 Technology Alliance Program, Clearswift and F5 provide a highly scalable secure application delivery platform that takes full advantage of Clearswift’s unique Adaptive Redaction technology, enabling the ability to detect information loss risks alongside the facility to resolve them in a pro-active manner, alerting organizations to potential internal or external data breaches; immediately.

    • Cloud Connectivity: Clearswift and F5 simplifies the optimization, authorized information collaboration and accessibility of business applications, ensuring that they’re fast, secure, and available — wherever they are.
    • A Simplified SECURE Application Acceleration Architecture: the combination of acceleration techniques and increased security with Adaptive Redaction ensures that in times of stress and pressure, only authorized content will be loaded, removing the risk of sensitive or unauthorized content being posted to the production web server prior to official disclosure.
    • Reduced Application Vulnerabilities: maintain application uptime due to the removal of targeted malware intent on damaging the web experience of users.
    • Web Services Delivery: ensure sensitive data is always protected, even when the stress to deliver web services quickly can cause organizations to move services from development to production environments without following the appropriate security procedures.
  • Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway

    The Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway (SIG) enables organizations to apply deep content inspection, adaptive redaction and data loss prevention technologies to existing web security architectures, with no disruption to their current infrastructure giving full control of the information flowing through users’ browsing traffic.

    • Advanced Threat Protection
      Protect against malware and ransomware threats by stripping out embedded triggers in downloads and HTML pages that are more frequently evading common virus protection and sandboxing technologies; while securing your reverse proxy configuration to prevent malicious content upload and attacks on your web servers (i.e. SQL injections, XSS, etc.).

    • Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP)
      A quick and simple way to add the industry’s game-changing data loss prevention technology for web, social media and cloud sharing. Redact the information that breaks policy and compliance regulations, while allowing the rest of the business activity to continue without disruption and false positives. 

    • Phishing & information harvesting prevention
      Automate the sanitization and removal of hidden metadata (author, username, server names, etc.) and personal information that can be harvested and used for targeted phishing attacks. Including documents posted on your own corporate website or stored in cloud collaboration or storage services. 

    • Cost-effective upgrade to web security
      Often 2 to 3 times less expensive than the high-price tag and extensive service fees associated with standalone advanced threat protection and legacy DLP.

    • Regulatory and data compliance
      Stay compliant with multi-language editable compliance dictionaries including GLBA, HIPAA, SEC, SOX, PCI and PII to minimize risks. Secure information aligned to Japan’s MyNumber and EU General Data Protection Regulation guidelines. 

    • Integration validation and alliance support
      Thorough testing and validation performed through key alliances with F5 Networks, Blue Coat and Linoma Software.
  • Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway

    The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway (SWG) offers a proactive policy controlled web gateway solution, with structured policies to categorize and define where, when and for how long users are able to surf for. Can scan the content of downloads to detect malware from entering the organization and runs HTTP/S scanning of traffic to detect content violations.

    • Filtering & content inspection
      Take complete and granular control over what your users access or share online. Flexible, policy-based filtering and content aware inspection extends beyond limiting recreational browsing, to view inside encrypted traffic preventing phishing and malware attacks, and sensitive data leaks.

    • Advanced Threat Protection
      Protect against ever morphing malware and ransomware threats that bypass traditional AV hygiene and sandboxing technologies with Advanced Threat Protection from Clearswift. Add a more effective layer of structural sanitization that removes malicious triggers hidden in websites or downloads. 

    • Phishing & information harvesting prevention
      Stop phishing expeditions from harvesting easily accessed information hidden in document metadata (author, login, department, system names, etc.) found readily available within your website, social media, and cloud collaboration tools. 

    • Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP)
      A-DLP detects and redacts only sensitive or inappropriate information, allowing the rest of the web, social or cloud activity to continue unhindered. Non-disruptive critical information protection without complexity and false positives.

    • Cloud security
      Gain complete visibility to what information is being stored or downloaded from cloud collaboration tools and storage (i.e. Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Bi-directional tracking and sanitization will prevent the loss of critical information or inviting unwanted cyber-attacks. Detect the use of cloud apps and tools secretly adopted by users through “Shadow IT.”

    • Securing social media
      Enable risk-free social media communications – recognize the difference between an innocent Tweet and a potentially damaging one, allow access to legitimate YouTube content and channels, while turning off granular Facebook features. 

    • Mobile & remote user protection
      Protection that follows the user. Encrypt traffic, control online access and sanitize all information being shared whether your users are working from home or in a coffee shop. Protect your corporate assets by enforcing a security policy for users’ mobile devices.
  • Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP

    Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP is a trusted email filtering solution that will keep communications flowing freely throughout your organization.

    • Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP was built using the same MIMEsweeper content-aware filtering technology that powers the Clearswift SECURE Gateways, but is packaged as software designed to run on the Windows Server platform.
    • Incoming and outgoing emails are checked for viruses, malware and content confidentiality. Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP performs deep analysis on attachments, detecting and examining content even in embedded files. By default, attempts to evade scanning using password-protected files or unauthorized encryption are blocked so no content evades, preventing circumvention of Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP.
  • Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway

    The Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway (SXG) helps to safeguard against inappropriate or critical information
    being distributed internally and subsequently leaving an organization; underpinning both policy and compliance
    requirements. Working on Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 platforms, the SXG detects malware and inappropriate
    file types and identifies violations in conversations based on an easily defined policy based rules.

    • Data loss prevention monitor mode
      The monitor mode within the Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway (SXG) enables organizations to test data loss prevention policies without impacting message flow. Copies of messages are processed by the SXG platform and the results used to identify if and where issues exist within email content or whether the DLP policy needs adjusting to prevent false positives.
    • Internal communication management
      The Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway ensures that internal email correspondence on your Exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016 deployments matches the confidentiality and compliance policies of your organization. Messages that contain certain violations can be quarantined for manual inspection, or the offending content can be removed through the use of Adaptive Redaction. With critical information protection starting within the organization, malicious and or accidental data leakage is further mitigated.
    • World-class inbound threat protection
      The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway comes with a option of AV engines from Sophos or Kaspersky utilizing Cloud-based lookups and heuristics to supplement traditional signature downloads delivering superior virus protection.
  • Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

    The SECURE Email Gateway is available with our unique, award winning, Adaptive Redaction technology and is a core component of our Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) solution which enables secure collaboration by automatically removing the sensitive data and/or malicious content that breaks policy allowing the rest of the communication to continue.

    • Flexible deployment options – now available in the Cloud
      You decide how you want to buy and deploy the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway, either as a pre-installed hardware appliance, as a software image that can be loaded on a choice of hardware platforms, or alternatively virtualized in a VMWare / HyperV environment. It is also available to be deployed in the Cloud including Amazon Web Services providing you with ultimate flexibility to suit your organization’s needs.
    • Encryption for maximum email security
      With TLS as standard, and cost options to provide either S/MIME, PGP and password protected files or Web portal-based encryption, the Email Gateway offers a variety of options to cater for customer requirements. Whichever you choose, the Gateway allows sensitive data to be delivered securely, in seconds, using the optimal format for the recipient.
    • World-class inbound threat protection
      The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway comes with a choice of AV engines from Sophos or Kaspersky utilizing Cloud-based lookups and heuristics to supplement traditional signature downloads delivering superior virus protection.
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