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Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Because of the pivotal role we play, Eaton is committed to creating and maintaining powerful customer relationships built on a foundation of excellence. From the products we manufacture to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you.
  • Eaton 9SX

    The Eaton 9SX UPS offers high availability, flexibility and advanced protection for infrastructure, industrial, medical, IT, networking, storage and telecom. Delivering on-line double conversion protection in versatile Rack/Tower format with up to 95% efficiency.

    • Performance and Efficiency
    • Availability and Flexibility
    • Manageability
    • Advanced protection for Infrastucture, Industrial and Medical and also IT, Networking, Storage and Telecom
  • Eaton Ellipse ECO

    The Eaton Ellipse ECO is a slim-line power protection with built-in high performance surge-protection device (compliant with IEC 61643-1 standard). With an efficient electrical design and the EcoControl function (USB models) the Eaton Ellipse ECO helps you make energy savings of up to 25 per cent compared to previous-generation UPSs.

    • EcoControl function helps you save up to 25% energy compared to previous generation UPSs (USB models)
    • Includes a high performance surge-protection device which complies with IEC 61643-1 standard
    • Up to 8 outlets to connect your PC & peripherals
    • Convenient extra-flat design for easy installation in any office environment
    • USB port & Power Management software for Windows 7, Vista, XP, Linux and Mac OS (USB models)
    • Protects data connections such as Ethernet, internet and telephone lines
  • Eaton Ellipse PRO

    The Eaton Ellipse PRO 650–1600VA is a line interactive UPS specifically developed to protect workstations running demanding applications. The Ellipse PRO features an LCD display for real-time status and measurements. It also features EcoControl power outlets, which enable energy savings up to 20 percent and Advanced Surge Reduction (ASR) that complies fully with the requirements of the IEC 616431-1 standard.

    • LCD display for real-time status and measurements
    • Delivers clean output with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR, with buck and boost)
    • EcoControl function helps you save up to 20% energy compared to previous generation UPSs
    • Includes a high performance surge-protection device which complies with IEC 61643-1 standard
    • Up to 8 outlets to connect your PC & peripherals
    • Convenient extra-flat design for easy installation in any office environment
    • USB port & Eaton UPS Companion software that enables safe system shutdown, energy usage metering and easy configuration of UPS settings
    • Protects data connections such as Ethernet, internet and telephone lines
  • Eaton ATS

    The Eaton ATS offer an affordable solution for customers willing to add power redundancy to networking equipment like switches and routers. This automatic transfer switch will power them from 2 different sources. Should one power source fail, the alternate one will switch over with no interruption to the connected equipment. Eaton ATS can be connected to multiple devices at the same time while saving the cost of expensive redundant power supplies.
    • Provides power redundancy to IT equipment
    • Alternative to expensive redundant power supplies available from networking equipment vendors
    • Compact, 1U rack form factor
    • Seamlessly switches from one power source to the other
    • Network management on 30A version
  • Eaton DX

    The E Series DX UPS double-conversion UPS affordably protects mission critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption. The double-conversion architecture incorporates rectifier and inverter stages to completely isolate the output power from all input anomalies. By adapting to a wide range of input voltages, the E Series DX avoids battery usage during minor power fluctuations, saving its capacity for times when utility power is completely lost.

    • Double conversion topology assures maximum reliability
    • Wide input-voltage range appropriate for the harshest electrical environments
    • Standard Models for fixed-run time performance
    • Tested for generator compatibility
    • Automatic bypass for fault-tolerance
    • Optional SNMP communications provides remote network-based monitoring
  • Eaton 5P

    The Eaton 5P is a Line interactive, density optimised (up to 1550VA in 1U) power protection for IT & Telecom environment. Wide power management capabilities offering point-to-point and network supervision. 

    • Line interactive : Regulates power fluctuations (AVR with buck and boost), and delivers pure sinewave output
    • Intuitive graphical LCD for localised diagnostics at a glance
    • Individually controlled outlets to maximize backup time, provide remote reboot and sequential start-up
    • Hot swappable batteries allowing easy replacement of the batteries without powering down connected loads
    • High density power protection in tower and rack 1U format up to 1.5kVA
    • Best-in-class power management capabilities (USB & Serial ports, Slot for optional SNMP/Web card)
  • Eaton 5E

    The Eaton 5E line interactive uninterruptible power system (UPS) provides affordable power protection for your personal computer and peripherals. Valuable features such as local country power receptacles, the compact size is ideal for limited office and home working spaces.

    • Work through under & overvoltage without wasting battery thanks to Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
    • 5E batteries are permanently recharged (even when off) and UPS can start without mains (Cold-start)
    • Install 5E anywhere thanks to its small size
    • Easily manage your UPS from your PC
    • Compatible with Eaton UPS Companion Software
  • Eaton 5L

    The Eaton 5L UPS offers a cost-efficient line interactive backup power for workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment, network-attached storage and POS applications. Designed with localized outlets, it allows ease of power connection to equipments in a home or business environment.
    • With Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), Eaton 5L UPS can ride through under & over voltage without utilizing battery
    • Rely on batteries anytime : Eaton 5L UPS can start up on batteries without mains (Cold Start)
    • Eaton 5L UPS is equipped with data line surge protection (internet/fax) to avoid back door damages coming through phone lines
    • Install Eaton 5L UPS anywhere thanks to its small size
    • Easily manage your UPS from your PC
    • Ensure piece of mind with 2 years warranty
  • Eaton 93 PR

    Eaton 93PR UPS is a world-class modular, scalable and hot swappable UPS. Lowest total cost of ownership and maximum availability – taking scalability, resiliency, safety and efficiency to the next level. Industry-leading efficiency exceeds 96% in double conversion mode and reaches top 99% with Eaton’s ESS technology. Together with world-class intelligent software solutions for monitoring and management, Eaton 93PR is the surest way to secure the continuity of your mission critical applications.
    • Maximum double conversion efficiency
      The 93PR offers the highest double conversion efficiency in the market, reaching above 96%.
    • Optimised double conversion efficiency - Variable Module Management System (VMMS)
      VMMS can optimise the load levels of power modules in a single 93PR UPS or in parallel systems, by suspending extra UPS capacity.
      This means not only greater efficiency at lower load levels, but optimum efficiency at all load levels.
    • Energy Saver System delivers superior > 99% efficiency
      Energy Saver System enables > 99% efficiency across the UPS operating range. In ESS, load is powered securely through static bypass line with double conversion available on-demand with typical 2 ms transition time in the event of any abnormality on supply source. When operating in ESS mode, load is protected with inherent surge suppression.
    • Hot swappable and hot scalable
      The 93PR’s power module can be replaced or added while another module continues protecting the load.
      This eliminates the need to go to bypass for module replacement or upgrading (MTTR: 0 minutes).
      Replacement and upgrade (N+1) operations typically take less than 10 minutes.
    • Easy management
      The 93PR provides easier access to detailed status information through its large, user-friendly 7” LCD touchscreen interface.
      With the 93PR’s graphical LCD interface you can track statistics on energy savings, battery time, outage tracking, load profiling and much more. The green/yellow/red LED light-bars make system status visible from a distance in data centres.
    • Advanced battery management
      Unique charging algorithm prolongs battery service life significantly compared to traditional charging methods.
      Automatic battery tests ensure any defects on batteries are detected and failed blocks replaced on time.
      Battery health data is available for viewing easily through the display. Being able to monitor the condition of batteries and history log of test data, system maintenance can be better planned and scheduled ahead.
  • Eaton 93E XL

    The Eaton 93E XL UPS delivers superior power protection with the highest power and energy density in the industry. The 93E XL range provides the lowest total cost of ownership in its class by combining extremely compact footprint, tremendous flexibility and unprecedented ease of installation. The 93E XL is ideal for applications where long backup time are needed and space is a constraint.
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