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At Ixia, we deliver a powerful combination of innovative solutions and trusted insight to support your network and security products, from concept to operation. Whether you are preparing your product for launch, deploying an application, or managing a product in operation, we offer an extensive array of solutions in testing, visibility, and security—all in one place. Whether you are seeking greater visibility into your network or better performance, our solutions validate network functions, test the integrity of security infrastructure, and deliver an end-to-end view of your network. The result: stronger applications, better performance, increased security resilience, happier customers, and maximum ROI.
  • Ixia TradeView

    High performance monitoring of financial market data feeds

    Ixia TradeView is a unique network monitoring tool designed to track real-time market data feeds. Easy to deploy, it instantly detects multicast sequence gaps and microbursts, and it contains built-in decoders for high-performance monitoring of more than 300 Exchange feeds. At nearly half the price of competing server-based solutions, TradeView delivers a low total cost of ownership while eliminating the need for expensive in-house multicast gap tools. Fast fault detection capabilities also ensure high-speed resolution of Exchange feed problems.

    • Monitors four 10Gbps network lines at full-line rate
    • Provides traffic statistics resolution down to 0.1 millisecond
    • Offers channel health alerting
    • Ensures microburst detection
    • Boasts a small 1U form factor
    • Delivers quick and easy updating of feed decoder software
  • Ixia GTP Session Controller 7433

    Maximize network probes and capacity while improving visibility into wireless core networks

    The Ixia GTP Session Controller 7433 helps service providers maximize network probes and capacity while improving visibility into wireless core networks. The solution effectively identifies and tracks mobile subscribers and load balances that the network probes by enforcing capacity and rate limits for each customer, even as mobile traffic rates fluctuate. If the controller detects faulty or overloaded monitoring probes, it automatically redistributes the load to other probes in the cluster. As a result, monitoring probes are able to focus on Quality of Experience (QoE) analysis rather than spend cycles trying to reassemble GTP session traffic.

    • Enables monitoring solutions to scale by offloading the correlation of subscriber data from monitoring probes
    • Samples and filters GTP sessions to reduce traffic sent to probes
    • Automatically detects probe failure and redistributes the traffic until the probe recovers
    • Delivers uninterrupted traffic distribution in demanding telecommunications environments
    • Provides enough headroom for the solution to grow with the end user
    • Improves network-visibility infrastructure ROI
  • Ixia Application and Threat Intelligence Processor

    Gather real-time application data for actionable insight into network activities

    Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP) delivers actionable application-level insight into a wide array of network activities. By providing rich data on application behavior and the location of users, ATIP easily identifies unknown network applications, mitigates security threats, and identifies trends in application usage.

    • Offers a built-in deep packet inspection (DPI) engine for application classification, including custom applications and geographies
    • Enables high-speed processing of encrypted traffic with hardware-assisted security socket layer (SSL) decryption
    • Adds a growing set of IxFlow™ extensions to standard Netflow, including geolocation, cryptographic information, handset type, and OS and browser type
    • Enables users to easily target traffic by application, handset type, application type, and geography
    • Ensures quick troubleshooting and understanding of network activity with built-in real-time web dashboard
    • Allows sensitive data to be isolated and partially overwritten before forwarding on to recording tools using UI-based data masking
  • Ixia IxLoad IPSec VPN

    Ensure performance and scalability of your VPN gateway

    IPsec (IP Security) is a framework of open standards for ensuring secure private communication over IP networks. IPsec virtual private networks (VPNs) use the services defined within IPsec to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data communications across networks such as the Internet.

    • Realistically simulate dynamic interface setup and tear-down behavior linked with subscriber emulation
    • Simulate network ‘blackouts’ and ‘brownouts’ and assess the impact of network volatility on application performance and subscriber QoE
    • Correlate application-layer performance with network control-plane performance
  • Ixia BreakingPoint VE

    Virtualized security resilience testing for enterprise-wide networks

    Ixia BreakingPoint Virtual Edition (VE) provides real-world application and threat simulation for complete performance and security testing, and its elastic deployment model allows you to achieve security resilience without sacrificing scalability or flexibility.

    • Scales for complete performance and security testing
    • Provides VMware ESX/ESXi and KVM hypervisor support
    • Features a simple OVA deployment model
    • Delivers OpenStack compatibility
    • Features a web-based user interface (HTML5) and Restful API support for vBlades deployment
  • Ixia BreakingPoint

    All-in-one applications and security testing platform

    Enter BreakingPoint. By simulating real-world legitimate traffic, distributed denial of service (DDoS), exploits, malware, and fuzzing, BreakingPoint validates an organization’s security infrastructure, reduces the risk of network degradation by almost 80%, and increases attack readiness by nearly 70%. And with our new TrafficREWIND solution, you'll get even more realistic and high-fidelity validation by adding production network insight into BreakingPoint test traffic configurations.

    • Simulates more than 300 real-world application protocols
    • Allows for customization and manipulation of any protocol, including raw data
    • Generates a mix of protocols at high speed with realistic protocol weight
    • Supports more than 36,000 attacks and malwares
    • Delivers all types of traffic simultaneously from a single port including legitimate traffic, DDoS, and malware
    • Bi-monthly updates ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest applications and threats
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