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MacroSAN Technologies Co., Ltd. (MacroSAN), founded in May, 2010, is an innovation promoted high-techprovider of enterprise storage solution. It is fully committed to the research & development, production, sales and services of enterprise storage products and solutions.Our headquarteris located in Hangzhou and the R&D centers are situated inShenzhen and Hangzhou. We also havebranch offices in 30 cities. 51% of employees in MacroSAN focus on researches and development, and over 90% of employees possess bachelor degrees or above.
  • MacroSAN MS7000-V4

    MS7000-V4 uses Prudential Technology's V4 engine technology, in a V4 engine will be four controllers through PCI-E3.0 technology for high-speed interconnection, build tight coupling architecture. In the cache data access, the use of unified addressing, independent access to the way to ensure the efficient use of cache resources. At the same time through the cache quad image, to achieve write cache data in four controllers in real-time synchronization, allowing three controllers at the same time the data failure is not lost, business non-stop, to meet the core application 7 * 24 hours non-stop high reliability requirements.

    • Extremely reliable
    • Excellent performance
    • Intelligent Resource Management
    • Intelligent storage platform for flash memory
    • Open platform, interoperability
  • MacroSAN MS7000

    high-end storage product family designed for cloud computing. Underpinned by an advanced design concept and technical architecture, it realizes high performance, safety and reliability and flexible deployment of resources for large-sized data centers

    • High-performance architecture
    • Cell-based intelligent resource management
    • Innovative CRAID technology
    • Comprehensive disk security policies
    • Dual controllers for full redundancy and high 
    • Diversified data protection functions
    • User-friendly management
    • ODSP
    • Heterogeneous storage virtualization
    • MS7000 base on ODSP unified software platform
  • MacroSAN MS5500

    MS5500 employs the latest chip technology to provide a high-reliability hardware platform with high performance, thus delivering large-capacity caching, high bandwidth, and a processing capability more than a hundred GB for massive concurrent applications.

    • High-performance architecture
    • Intel Jasper Forest processor
    • 100 Gb bus technologies
    • Large-capacity intelligent cache management
    • High-performance SAS/SSD disks
    • Cell-based intelligent resource management
    • Innovative CRAID technology
    • Comprehensive disk security policies
    • Dual controllers for full redundancy and high reliability
    • Diversified data protection functions
    • User-friendly management
  • MacroSAN MS5000

    MS5000 employs two controllers for full redundancy, adopts a modular design, and offers diversified data protection mechanisms. Its innovative CRAID technology and IDDC mechanism reduce system down time and probability caused by disk faults by 80%. Based on the open data storage platform (ODSP), the MS5000 can seamlessly integrate with the application systems of customers through open interfaces, custom specifications and functions, developed and embedded programs for industrial solutions.

    The MS5000 incorporates cutting-edge technologies in its architecture, including Intel Jasper specially designed storage processor, ultra-large cache extension, PCI-E 2.0, SAS 2.0, and SSD, to establish an end-to-end storage platform with high performance.
  • MacroSAN MS3000G2

    MacroSAN mid-range storage products which is oriented to medium and small size data centers. It integrates lots of advanced design concept and architecture technology to provide safe, reliable, flexible storage platform.

    • High Cost Performance
    • Stable and Reliable
    • Flash-Oriented Intelligent Storage Platform
    • Multi-Dimensions Expansion
    • Rich Software Functions
  • MacroSAN MS3000

    Advanced design ideas and architecture technologies and provides a secure and reliable storage platform that supports flexible resource deployment for small and medium-sized data centers. MacroSAN MS3000 provides a secure and reliable storage platform with high performance and flexible resource deployment for small and medium-sizeddata centers.

    • High-performance architecture
    • Cell-based intelligent resource management
    • Innovative CRAID technology
    • Comprehensive disk security policies
    • Dual-controller full-redundancy design with high reliability
    • Diversified data protection functions
  • MacroSAN MS2500G2

    Leading hardware architecture and rich software features to meet the increasingly high storage requirements of the database, centralized online storage, backup storage, disaster recovery and data migration and other data center application scenarios to protect the data is not lost And business continuity.

    • Flexible choice
    • Strong scalability
    • Highly reliable
    • Feature-rich
    • Intelligent storage platform for flash memory
    • Affordable
  • MacroSAN MS2500

    MacroSAN MS2500 series provides mid-to-high-end storage performance at an entry-level price and outperforms products at the same price in terms of the reliability, performance and scalability to bolster rapid growth of corporate users.

    • Mid-to-high-end architecture with outstanding cost-performance
    • Strong scalability
    • Easy to use
    • Smooth upgrading
  • MacroSAN MS1000

    Storage product specially used for video surveillance . This product running the open data storage platform (ODSP) features reliability and large capacity, and is easy to deploy and use. Based on these features, it can be used in video surveillance system of various scales and in all walks of life. 

    • Specialized video surveillance storage and stable reliability
    • Cell-based RAID (CRAID)
    • Initiative disk diagnosis center (IDDC)
    • Modular hardware design
    • Intelligent power management
    • High scalability and low power consumption, suitable for massive deployment
    • Human-centered management interfaces and ease-of-use
  • MacroSAN MS7000AFT (All Flash Turbo)

    New generation of all-flash memory array product launched by MacroSAN, MS7000AF enhanced version, MacroSAN’s first generation of matrix all-flash array, and the first matrix high-end all-flash memory array. It is applicable to the large database of data centers, virtual desktop and high performance computing, and provides the solutions for high performance storage, overall data protection, lifecycle management.

    • Matrix Full-exchange Architecture
    • Guarantee of Extreme Performance
    • High-performance Architecture
    • Architecture with High Reliability
    • Full Redundant Architecture
    • Rich Data Protective Function
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Effective Use of SSD Space
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