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It was a time when businesses needed a more cost-effective, efficient and productive way to reach out to their customer as well as to enhance their internal communications. Businesses were looking at various technologies and mobile phone usage (particularly text SMS) in changing the way people interact between businesses and consumers.
  • TalariaX SendQuick ASP

    SendQuick ASP is a cost-effective hosted SMS messaging solution.

    SendQuick ASP’s 2-way (i.e. sending and receiving SMSes) customisable broadcast and transaction-based messaging services can be used across all businesses functions (e.g. marketing, notification and reminders) to mobile recipients globally.

    • 1-way and/or 2-way available
    • API (HTTP Post and/or SMTP) available for integration to backend applications
    • Web based interface for easy messaging
    • Schedule SMS messaging
    • Message template and mail merge for easy sending
    • Review reports for individual and company
    • Cost control with quota management
    • Low cost (Pre-paid or pay-per-use)
  • TalariaX SendQuick Enterprise

    SendQuick Enterprise, is a plug-and-play appliance, that facilitates general SMS broadcasting.
    • Web-based messaging system for unlimited users and application licenses with multiple access control
    • Easy integration to backend applications (API)
    • SMS schedule broadcast
    • Automatic (incoming) message routing using keyword management
    • Contact List / Address Book With Grouping Function
    • Multiple Access Control
    • Mass SMS Capability
    • 2-Way SMS Messaging
  • Clouvera®

    Clouvera® is a Cloud based monitoring service that provides businesses complete visualisation of the condition and performance of its IT infrastructure. Coupled with Out-Of-Band SMS (Text) Alert technology, Clouvera® equips the Enterprise with instant communications whenever a requirement calls for it.

    • Always monitor web/email servers, websites & applications
    • PING checks for connection latency
    • PORT checks on connectivity with applications
    • URL checks for web and e-commerce availability
  • TalariaX Sqoope

    Sqoope™ is an enterprise class mobile messaging application designed to cater specifically to the requirements of consumers and Enterprises big or small. It features unique notification capabilities like guaranteed messaging statuses which ensures the delivery of cohesive and coherent interactivity within a secured environment.

    • One-to-one or group chat on mobile phone
    • Cost savings with free messaging using existing Wi-Fi and 3G Data services
    • Support sharing of multimedia formats
    • Able to integrate to other applications via HTTP Post API
    • Guaranteed delivery of all messages anytime & anywhere
    • User authentication via AD, LDAP, Radius and DB
    • Access/login via web browser or on any HTML devices (with message history retained in the server)
    • Encrypted messages for confidentialilty purposes and logged into audit for archival (Closed group usage with servers deployed internally)
  • TalariaX SendQuick Entera

    sendQuick Entera is an enhanced version of sendQuick Enterprise with additional IT Alert Notification capabilities.

    sendQuick Entera is positioned as an Business Process Automation messaging solution. It has the capability to help business address inter- and intra-department requirements to reduce workflow bottlenecks and improve on responsiveness.

    • Build-in Address Book & Shift (roster) management
    • Monitor with PING, Port & URL check for system downtime alerts
    • Keyword Management for Interactive SMS
    • User web interface for broadcast or send SMS (SMS scheduler available)
    • Multiple user access rights, configurable by the user administrator for better user management
    • Email filter system to send only important alerts to single or multiple users
    • SMTP (email), SNMP Trap and Syslog filter for selective SMS alert messages
    • Hassle-free integration to an unlimited number of backend applications
  • TalariaX SendQuick Conexa

    sendQuick ConeXa is an Authentication and Authorization messaging appliance solution. Comes with a built in with a server with One-Time-Password (OTP) generator capability, and sends it across via SMS. End-users need not have access to the password via used of tokens or client-wares.

    sendQuick ConeXa integrates well with your Active Directory or RADIUS and can support multiple SSL VPN sessions as required.

    • All on one appliance for authentication, authorization, OTP generation and SMS OTP transmission
    • Integrated RADIUS server for full compatibility for all Radius Client Authentication
    • Configurable OTP features (length, expiry time, and message)
    • Integrate to local/external databases or Microsoft AD with unlimited users (clientless)
    • Supports multiple SSL VPN for multiple remote access authentication
    • Able to work with both GSM and 3G mobile networks
    • Secure and does not depend on external or 3rd party networks
    • Option for RAID and High Availability (HA) for zero down-time implementation
  • TalariaX SendQuick Avera

    sendQuick Avera is a simple plug and play active 2-way monitoring system to fit your business IT operational needs. Not only will you be notified immediately on critical events in your data centre, you will also be able to get a consolidated view of your notifications and responses.

    • Filter rules for SNMP Traps, Syslog and Email (SMTP) with multi-level escalation and report
    • Network monitor (Ping) with SMS feature to ensure server availability.
    • Dependency monitoring function to reduce unnecessary SMS-es
    • On demand scanning for a snapshot of systems availability
    • Address book and shift management for better resource planning (integrated leave management)
    • Summary graphical report (for overall and per system/task)
  • TalariaX SendQuick Alert

    sendQuick Alert is an entry level IT Alert & Notification messaging gateway. Designed with a plug-and-play feature which ideal if you do not required any network monitoring. This cost-effective solution is robust and sturdy in performance just as its more feature-rich other sendQuick solutions. 

    • Support email SMTP , SNMP Traps for events, and converts to SMS
    • Small form factor (appliance)
    • Compatible with all security, network, and management devices
    • Message filter system (email, Syslog and SNMP) to send their important alerts to single and / or multiple users.
    • Dual integration method: via email or HTTP Post for sending and receiving SMS.
    • Built-in SMTP email gateway and email relay function to relay email alert messages and serves as a back- up email gateway.
  • TalariaX SendQuick Alert Plus

    sendQuick Alert Plus is designed for IT network infrastructure as it will send short message (SMS) to the IT team when there is a problem, reducing downtime for the enterprise.

    • Support email SMTP, SNMP Traps, Syslog messages for events and convert to SMS.
    • 2-way with reminder and escalation SMS to ensure message acknowledgement.
    • Fully compatible with all security, network, management devices.
    • Network monitor (Ping) with SMS feature to ensure server availability.
    • Message filter system (email, Syslog and SNMP) to send their important alerts to single and / or multiple users.
    • Dual integration method: via email or HTTP Post for sending and receiving SMS.
    • Built-in SMTP email gateway and email relay function to relay email alert messages and serves as a back- up email gateway.
    • Optional add-on: Address Book and Shift Management; High Available (HA) Module; HTTPS (SSL); HTTP Delivery Module; Additional modems
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