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UpGuard is the only platform that provides CSTAR, the CyberSecurity Threat Assessment Report. CSTAR looks at your infrastructure from the inside-out and provides an easy-to-understand risk score which insurers can use in determining a fair premium for cybersecurity insurance. Our customers use UpGuard to accelerate DevOps initiatives, identify critical security gaps and vulnerabilities, streamline auditing and compliance testing, and gain visibility into the true state of their infrastructure.
  • API Documentation

    Customize UpGuard to suit your enterprise's unique needs with our powerfully simple REST API. 

    Whether you're looking to integrate with existing ticketing systems, build custom notifications when configuration changes and vulnerabilities are detected, or layer the platform into a continuous security framework, UpGuard's powerful REST API makes custom interactions and integrations a snap. Services are fully REST-compliant, with responses returned as standard, human-readable JSON data.
  • Platform Architecture

    Whether your IT infrastructure is traditional, virtualized, or a combination thereof, UpGuard provides you with the crucial validation to ensure that environments are secured and optimized for consistent, quality software and IT services delivery.

    Our platform’s open, scalable architecture gives organizations comprehensive insight and awareness into their systems—even as they grow more complex and heterogenous with time. And as network perimeter lines are fast disappearing, security and quality must be baked-in and adaptable—in line with the high velocity changes characteristic of today’s organizations.

    To this end, UpGuard's configuration integrity platform delivers the comprehensive visibility and validation critical for innovating safely and securely.
  • Integrations

    UpGuard integrates with the platforms and processes you already use, enabling you to deploy faster and more safely.

    You've already invested in other tools to improve your business processes— let UpGuard bring out their true power. In addition to opening up the data center with unparalleled visibility, our flexible API and built-in integrations with many of the most popular applications allow organizations to have a single pane of visibility within their environments, even for projects and processes involving other third party software. Whether you're generating Puppet manifests and Chef recipes, or testing changes scheduled in ServiceNow, UpGuard makes routine tasks easier while capturing data that can be used to measure historical trends or manage project completion. 
  • Predict

    You've established the visibility and control to trust what you're doing, now how do you handle the threat landscape

    Risk analytics broaden awareness and deepen defenses.

    • CSTAR Resilience Scoring
    • IT Security Ratings
    • Vendor Risk Assessment
  • Control

    After you know what you have, you can start to control it.

    UpGuard brings together the capabilities to make infrastructure reproducible and reliable. From a known good state, UpGuard can transform infrastructure into code to manage and validate configurations.

    • Automated Runbook Generation
    • Configuration Compliance Automation
    • Automated Change & Release Reconciliation
  • Discover

    You can't improve what you can't see

    Discovering the state of your systems with UpGuard gives you a solid foundation to build great things.     

    • Continuous state discovery for painless audits
    • Visual diff of server configuration for anomaly detection
    • Integrated vulnerability assessment to reduce security cost
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