Stop re-imaging, start hunting

According to Gartner, malicious threats remain undetected on business endpoints for 205 days on average*. Can your enterprise business wait that long? Our threat detection and remediation solution scans for and remediates malware, reducing dwell time and the need for endpoint re-imaging.

Malwarebytes Breach Remediation is engineered to integrate seamlessly into existing security stacks. If your endpoints require comprehensive advanced threat protection, we recommend Malwarebytes Endpoint Security.

*Sources: Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit Presentation, Defending Endpoints From Persistent Attack, Peter Firstbrook, 8-11 June 2015


Break the attack chain

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security brings all of our industry-leading protection and remediation technologies into one powerful solution. This multi-layer defense model breaks the attack chain by combining advanced malware detection and remediation, malicious website blocking, ransomware blocking, and exploit protection in a single platform. Delivering multi-stage attack protection provides companies of all sizes, across all industries, around the globe the ability to stop an attacker at every step

Anti-Exploit in action

See how Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business protects in both stages of an exploit attack using multiple layers of innovative technology.

Protection before infection

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Business delivers fast, lean malware protection designed to supplement your current endpoint security solution. Our robust heuristic scanning engine detects and eliminates zero-hour malware other security solutions miss, enhancing your security posture and closing detection vulnerabilities.



Our engineers have now made your best defense against advanced threats even better. Malwarebytes 3.0 now offers four malware-fighting modules: Anti-malware, Anti-ransomware, Anti-exploit, Malicious website protection. You have all the best Malwarebytes detection, protection, and malware-removal in one tight package. Stop paying for your old, clunky antivirus.

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