Tools of the Future - Designing & Building Your Own Drone – Fusion 360

by Rizky Nupus Permana | Jul 20, 2017

Drones have been increasingly becoming popular in the recent years. There are drones that allow our photography enthusiasts to take high resolution photos and videos that take new heights.

While there is some adrenaline junkies that seek the thrills of drone racing. Competing against other high speed moving “machines”, accompanied with virtual reality googles, steering based on a live video feed from a camera on the drone's nose.


However, did you ever wonder how you can “DIY” your own drone or create more eye-catching drone parts? Autodesk has brought Fusion 360 into the scene to allow businesses and drone enthusiasts, to design their ideas and then create their products via 3D Printers.

Here is one video that demonstrates how Aerial Sports League use Fusion 360 to rapidly design, simulate and manufacture next-generation racing and combat drones.

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