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In a world moving toward Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, networks must evolve rapidly to meet new challenges. Our smart technologies ensure that network evolution can keep pace, and deliver efficient and secure solutions for people, organizations and “things”—both now and into the future. For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe. Allied Telesis is recognized for innovating the way that services and applications are delivered and managed—resulting in increased value and lower operating costs.
  • Allied Telesis Switches

    High-performance, high-quality, future-proof products to meet requirements for Enterprise, Campus, Branch and Data Center networks

    Allied Telesis engineers high-performance, high-quality, future-proof products to meet requirements for Enterprise, Campus, Branch and Data Center networks. Allied Telesis SwitchBlade® and xSeries switches, with the AlliedWare Plus™ operating system, provide scalable and versatile switching solutions for today’s enterprise and service provider networks from end to core. Featuring Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF), these switches decrease network operating expenses by automating and simplifying many day-to-day tasks. Allied Telesis also produces top-of-rack switches for the Data Center market, extended temperature products for industry, and unmanaged and WebSmart switches for Small and Medium Business.
  • Allied Telesis Security Appliances

    The Allied Telesis AR Series of Firewalls and secure VPN routers provide advanced security features to meet the needs of modern businesses. AR Series products deliver the breadth of functionality that small and medium-sized businesses require, at a price point they can afford, and with the proven reliability that makes Allied Telesis a trusted networking partner.

    • UTM Firewalls
      Full application control, dynamic threat protection, and comprehensive routing and switching combine to provide an innovative high-performance solution.
    • VPN Firewalls
      Our compact model supports the move towards smarter cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity for remote devices.
    • Secure VPN Routers
      Allied Telesis multi-service VPN routers have a modular design, and support extensive VPN capability, allowing the interconnection of offices, remote teleworkers, and other users who require secure access to a corporate network.
  • Allied Telesis iMAP

    Integrated Multiservice Access Platform

    Allied Telesis iMAP represents the first and only true IP access platform designed for this purpose. Its unique carrier-grade IP/Ethernet capabilities are suitable for any provider building an IP access network. Industry-leading capabilities position the iMAP as the access network for alternative and emerging carriers, Independent Operating Companies (IOCs), PTTs, ILECs, ISPs, public utilities, and private organizations such as hospitals, hotels, and Multi-Tenant Units/Multi-Dwelling Units (MTU/MDU)

    • One Access Platform, Any Service
      The iMAP product family is designed to support IP Triple Play services using Ethernet technology. With redundant Gigabit Ethernet connections or 10 Gigabits on the iMAP 9810 to each line card from the control modules, there is ample bandwidth and throughput for all current and future services and access technologies. The central fabric control cards enable multiple 10 Gigabit uplink and transport capability, ensuring future capacity and performance needs are addressed without requiring a major hardware upgrade.
    • Multiple Services, Diversified and Increased Revenues
      The iMAP provides the capability to offer revenue-generating residential and business services such as FTTx, T1/E1, G.SHDSL, and POTS — all from the same platform. With features like Ethernet Protection Switched Rings, iMAPs can be networked together with full redundancy and sub-50ms switchover times, ensuring carrier-grade 99.999% availability and maximum uptime.
  • Allied Telesis iMG

    Intelligent Multiservice Gateway

    Allied Telesis iMG ONT products provide a smarter, feature-rich, flexible approach to delivering subscriber services, and are critical to a service provider wanting to deliver reliable, high-quality, high-revenue services. The iMG family of full-featured indoor and outdoor gateways support xDSL and fiber (FTTH) options, all designed with the features, management, and IP functionality needed to deliver the “connected home.”
  • Allied Telesis Media Converters

    Allied Telesis media converters extend network distances by adding fiber and VDSL (via coax and telephone-grade twisted pair) only where it is needed. This enables customers to keep pace with changing technology and integrating high-bandwidth devices into the network without changing the entire network infrastructure. From standalone units to chassis-based blades, Allied Telesis media converters are highly configurable to meet every need.

    • MissingLink™
      The Allied Telesis MissingLink feature enables media converters to pass the link status of their connections and thereby trigger corrective action when a problem on a link is detected.
    • Smart MissingLink™
      The Allied Telesis Smart MissingLink feature operates identically to MissingLink, with an added link failure alert system. If any of the media converter ports fail, the link LED will begin to flash. This aids with diagnostics, allowing network administrators to more quickly locate and rectify the fault.
    • Redundancy
      The majority of Allied Telesis media converters can be deployed with hot-swappable, hot-removable power supplies to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Allied Telesis Network Interface Cards

    Allied Telesis seamlessly connects desktops, laptops, servers, and thin clients with a continually expanding portfolio of high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective Network Interface Cards (NICs)

    Allied Telesis has optimized NICs for virtualization. Using multi-port cards in virtualized environments is critical to applications in order to provide redundancy and data connectivity for these workloads. The priority queuing offered by Allied Telesis server NICs can help set up networks based on specific needs. The comprehensive diagnostics and configuration software suite (Broadcom Advanced Control Suite) provides system administrators and engineers with a profound tool to analyze interface cards and review specific data.
  • Allied Telesis Wireless

    The broad portfolio of Allied Telesis wireless products provides customers with high performance and low operating costs.

    Optimized for deployment across most environments, Allied Telesis wireless solutions are ideal for every application — from convention centers and sporting arenas and stadiums to large hospitals and campus environments. Innovative technology and advanced software features meet the demands of todays unified networks, delivering high performance and security, superior managability and reduced total cost of ownership.

    • Extricom™ Series
      The Extricom Series WLAN system incorporates multiple breakthrough innovations that raise the bar for WLAN performance, flexibility, and ease of ownership. Based on Channel Blanket™, a groundbreaking architectural design, it delivers a solution that is fully IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac-compliant, but changes all of the paradigms about the Wi-Fi experience.
  • Allied Telesis Transceiver Modules

    Allied Telesis offers a wide variety of transceiver modules to round out your end-to-end network solution

    Allied Telesis optics provide fiber and copper connectivity for the full range of Allied Telesis product lines. Pluggable optics allow one product the flexibility to expand by media type (copper or fiber), speed (Fast Ethernet and 1, 10, or 40 Gigabit), and/or distance (220 m to 80 km).

    Allied Telesis offers GBIC, SFP, CSFP, XFP, SFP+, and QSFP+ pluggable optics, which comply with industry-standard networking regulations. This compliance allows Allied Telesis pluggable optics to be used on any industry-standard networking equipment.
  • Allied Telesis Networking Software

    Allied Telesis software tools can help visualize and plan for network growth while maintaining the health and performance of the network.

    • Network Management Software
      The Allied Telesis AlliedView™ Network Management System is a comprehensive tool to administer, operate and provision networks. It complements many Allied Telesis products including: Layer 2/3 switches, residential intelligent Multiservice Gateways (iMG) and the integrated Multiservice Access Platform (iMAP™).
    • Operating Systems
      The Allied Telesis operating systems, AlliedWare™ and AlliedWare Plus™, have been specifically designed to optimize the performance of your Allied Telesis products.
  • Allied Telesis Power over Ethernet Accessories

    Connect network powered devices directly to the network cable without the need for a local power source

    Allied Telesis Power over Ethernet (PoE) accessories connect network powered devices directly to the network cable without the need for a local power source.



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