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We provide top-rated network and content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric. Our unique security fabric combines Security Processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence to give you proven security, exceptional performance, and better visibility and control--while providing easier administration.
  • FortiHypervisor

    Quickly Deliver High-Performance, Custom Services On Demand

    Enterprises need the flexibility to customize services according to their unique business needs and deploy new services quickly while keeping costs under control. Today's traditional branch infrastructures with multiple dedicated CPE hardware make it challenging and costly to deploy custom services fast or bring a new branch online. Our hybrid virtual appliance simplifies and accelerates deployment of customized services on demand, with support for both universal CPE and cloud-based hosting models.

    • Advanced networking and security virtual network functions on a single CPE
    • Choice of software image for generic x86 or hybrid appliance based on proven FortiGate hardware
    • High performance via optional ASIC acceleration
    • Ample storage and memory for scalable compute, networking, and security performance
    • Cost effective delivery of on demand custom services
  • FortiCamera / FortiRecorder

    Complete Video Security Solution

    Surveillance systems can be complicated, expensive, and unreliable. But FortiCamera and FortiRecorder simplify IP video surveillance and there are no license fees. With FortiCams, you can see everything: doors, POS terminals, public areas--whatever you need to keep an eye on. FortiRecorder captures the images for easy monitoring, storage, and retrieval. Just plug in your cameras, connect the FortiRecorder, open a web browser or client application, and you're ready to go. It's easy to navigate and configure with event timelines and profile-driven configuration.

    • Multiple recording options: continuous, event-based, scheduled, manual
    • Access to live and recorded video from anywhere using Windows, Mac or Unix browsers, Android or iOS Mobile devices
    • Recorder available as hardware or VM deployment
    • Large range of cameras to fit any environment, all powered with PoE
    • Free professional-grade video management system (VMS)
    • RADIUS, LDAP, SNMP, and remote data storage support for flexible network integration
  • FortiVoice and FortiFone

    Get Control of Your Business Phone Communications

    FortiVoice phone systems include everything you need to handle calls professionally, control communication costs, and stay connected everywhere. Visit the FortiVoice Phone Systems website to get more information.

    • Built in features like auto attendants, ring groups, call cascades, and more
    • Traditional telephone network, digital PRI, and VoIP connections for flexibility and cost control
    • A variety of hardware systems and a virtual appliance to fit your environment
    • Easy installation and set-up
  • FortiCore

    Scale Network-based Security to Meet Performance Demands

    Within SDN architectures, the separation of the control and data planes increases security challenges. Additionally, as SDN architectures are multipath environments, connecting and scaling network security devices requires the ability to programmatically direct and distribute traffic through them. The FortiCore SDN security appliance connects to SDN architectures, supporting both very large numbers of programmable flows and the effective line-rate performance required to secure SDN architectures. 

    • Programmable flow forwarding to redirect and distribute traffic of interest to network security devices at link speeds up to 100 G
    • Support for OpenFlow 1.3 protocol requirements to provide interoperability with a range of leading SDN controllers and applications
    • Ability to connect an array of network security functions onto any given high-performance link within a core routed environment
    • Cardinal Flow Processing (CFP) architecture supports large flow table sizes without sacrificing performance
    • High 10 GE port density – 32 10 GE ports standard in all models to support large-scale east-west topologies
  • FortiBridge Family

    Ensure Availability of Network Resources

    It can be a challenge to secure your network while also ensuring it’s always available. Using high-availability features of the security infrastructure where a system fails over to another unit helps reduce the risk of a network outage. However, to preserve availability in the event of a power failure or device malfunction, bypassing the device altogether with a fail-to-wire solution can ensure network continuity at times when security cannot be provided.

    • Fail-to-wire bypass to maximize uptime by automatically re-routing traffic in the event of device failure or power outage
    • Standalone 1 RU form factor to easily add bypass functionality to any existing inline security system
    • Remote configuration and monitoring so you can see and control the bypass status of network segments remotely
    • Large range of models including support for high-speed 10 GE or 40 GE ports, short- or long-range transceivers, and bypass functionality for up to four network segments
  • FortiTester

    Ensure Optimum Network Performance

    Get the most out of your network devices and diagnose potential issues with comprehensive performance testing. With a suite of powerful, yet easy-to-use tests that simulate a variety of typical traffic conditions, FortiTester lets you set performance standards and run audits to make sure your network continues to meet them. It also stores past tests for easy comparison. With the test results, you can take action to improve your network’s performance.

    • Attack repay test
    • HTTP/HTTPS connections per second test
    • HTTP/HTTPS requests per second test
    • TCP throughput test
    • TCP concurrent connection performance test
    • Mixed traffic test
  • FortiDB

    Protects Databases and Applications from Internal and External Threats

    While data breaches seem almost commonplace these days, your customers will hold you responsible if you let their sensitive information get compromised. Many organizations never recover from the consequences of a data breach. FortiDB delivers a complete database security and application security product line. It includes discovery and vulnerability management, database activity monitoring and audit, policy-based intrusion prevention, user access management, and database risk management and compliance.

    • Identifies and reports on confidential data access; helps meet compliance
    • Includes centralized management
    • Detects security weaknesses and enables you to quickly strengthen the integrity of your databases
    • Offers automated policy generation, privileged user and application monitoring, compliance reporting, and more
  • FortiADC Application Delivery Controller (ADC)

    Optimize Application Delivery

    With bandwidth demand growing faster than budgets and cyber attacks constantly on the rise, it can be challenging to securely and efficiently deliver applications at the speed your users expect. Fortinet ADC appliances optimize the availability, user experience, and scalability of enterprise application delivery. They deliver fast, secure, and intelligent acceleration and distribution of even the most demanding enterprise applications.

    • Application-aware intelligence for smart distribution of application traffic
    • 24x7 application availability through automatic failover, global server load balancing, and link load balancing to optimize WAN connectivity
    • Bandwidth prioritization through Quality of Service (QoS) policies
    • Web application firewall to defend against application vulnerabilities
  • Fortinet WAN Appliances

    Switches and Web Caching to Support the Large Data Center, Enterprise Campus, and Branch Offices

    With bandwidth requirements doubling every 18 months, you’ve got the get the most out of your network. With Fortinet WAN appliances, you can reduce bandwidth needs and optimize connectivity.

    • Increase network performance
    • Lower bandwidth costs
    • Available in hardware and virtual form factors
  • Fortinet Access Authentication Solutions

    Improve Security and Reduce Risk of Data Breach

    As we’ve seen, static passwords can be easily compromised, leading to security breaches. Easily enable two-factor authentication for access to your protected networks. FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Appliances together with FortiTokens deliver cost-effective, scalable, secure remote access to your entire network infrastructure.

    • Secure and controlled network access
    • Broad range of flexible solutions for infrastructure, integrated, and cloud offerings
    • Support for up to millions of users across wireless and wired networks



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