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At NetGain, we can honestly say that we understand best your monitoring and operational needs. After all, we have more than 10 successful years of enriching experience in developing IT monitoring solutions and managing the monitoring requirements of our extensive portfolio of customers. And in the process, we have built a deep and enduring relationship with our customers, a relationship born of unwavering trust.
  • NetGain Enterprise Manager™

    The world’s first intelligent, plug-and-play appliance that pre-emptively monitors IT infrastructure in real-time

    An award winning product, NetGain Enterprise Manager™ is a quick to deploy, user-friendly enterprise management tool that monitors and manages complex IT environments, enabling our customers to avoid IT downtime and reduced operational costs. It really does deliver world-class monitoring of today’s most complex IT infrastructure 24×7.

    As the world’s first intelligent, plug and play solution, NetGain Enterprise Manager™ can be deployed in less than an hour. It integrates seamlessly with its component based, highly scalable architecture, allowing easy expansion in the future. It’s web based interactive GUI allows IT administrators to monitor up to 3000 devices nodes from a single point.

    • Supports industry standard protocols, SNMP, WMI, Telnet, SSH and more
    • With a high degree of scalability, you can deploy now and scale as your business requirement changes.
    • Start monitoring over 1000+ devices with deployment in less than one hour.
    • 100% browser based intuitive GUI with bundled database makes it an easy job to manage your network.
    • As comprehensive as Tier 1 and 2 companies but much easier to use at more competitive pricing.
    • Utilises lightweight agents (probes) to periodically collect and monitor status and performance
    • Information is validated against pre-defined thresholds or policies to generate notifications about potential breakdowns, which are sent to IT personal, via email, SMS, audio alarms or popup windows.
  • NetGain Cloud Vista™

    Delivers the entire IT infrastructure monitoring needs an extended business requires

    Based on our flawless infrastructure monitoring service for customers across multiple officed and geographical locations, NetGain Cloud Vista™ delivers a layer on top of NetGain Enterprise Manager™. This allows our large customers to scale and monitor their entire IT infrastructure regionally or globally, no matter how big they get.

    Customers deploy our NetGain Enterprise Manager™ device at the local level, and ‘over the top’ sits NetGain Cloud Vista™, which is the central authority to manage and drive policies top-down in a scalable approach. In short, NetGain Cloud Vista™ monitors all your NetGain Enterprise Managers™.

    • No VPN required
    • Doesn't matter if IP Dynamic or Static
    • Monitoring across continents and oceans
    • Data is securely stored within local networks
    • Connection between NetGain Cloud Vista and Local NetGain Enterprise Manager is done within seconds
  • NetGain Managed Monitoring Service

    Managed Monitoring Service allows you to outsource the monitoring of even the most complex IT infrastructure 24×7

    The Managed Monitoring Service sits over NetGain Enterprise Manager or NetGain Enterprise Vista and allows us to become a pro-active part of your IT team, managing the service so you can get on with the important work of delivering real IT value to your business.

    Utilising intelligent and lightweight agents to periodically collect and monitor your IT status and performance, we validate the information against pre-defined thresholds and notify your IT managers of potential IT outages.

    • Flexible to fit all business needs, easily customizable frameworks and interfaces.
    • Monitors up to 1,000 back-end devices – physical or virtual.
    • Combined performance, availability, event and impact management with predictive analytics.
    • Critical system warnings and reports are sent by email, SMS, audio alarms or pop-up windows.
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