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Tintri builds VM-aware storage specifically for your virtualized applications—with none of the limitations of traditional physical-first storage. When you store your virtual machines on Tintri, they perform 6x faster, pack 10x more densely and take 98% less management, saving you time, money and sanity.
  • Tintri All-Flash Array

    The only all-flash array that guarantees performance for all your VMs.

    Enterprise cloud demands a strong foundation. And with the right building blocks, you can make that happen. The Tintri T5000 All-Flash Array gives you VM-level management and visibility. And in turn, you get the agility of public cloud within your four walls.

    • Isolate VMs, guarantee performance
      With the Tintri all-flash array, you can assign individual lanes to individual VMs, preventing IO traffic jams and preserving performance. You can even set quality of service (QoS) on individual VMs, further guaranteeing performance.

    • Flexible scale-out architecture
      The Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash Array comes in nine different configurations, with up to 308 TB of effective capacity in 2U using the latest 3D NAND. Up to 32 VMstores (and 160,000 VMs) can be managed as a federated pool of storage. All from one central management console: Tintri Global Center.

    • Multiple concurrent hypervisors
      We built Tintri OS to manage every individual VM. And naturally, Tintri all-flash storage supports multiple, concurrent hypervisors. Tintri’s deep hypervisor integrations allow for far greater automation to reduce your operating expenses.

    • Get the lowdown on your applications
      Deep dive into individual VMs, exposing latency in just one click. With Tintri's all-flash array, you get real-time analytics, not correlations or delayed statistics. Tintri jump-starts your productivity and performance, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

    • Backup and recovery, right when you need it
      Even in the most stressful situations, the Tintri all-flash array lets you recover individual VMs in just clicks. In lieu of spreadsheets, an easy-to-use interface helps you transfer VMs from array to array in minutes. Take back your hours, days and weeks when you get on a different level: the VM-level.
  • Tintri Hybrid-flash arrays

    The best balance of performance and value for your virtualized applications.

    The Tintri T800 Hybrid-Flash Array is built specifically to simplify management of virtualization and cloud. The T800 VMstore series has won more than 20 industry awards and even been named a “Technology of the Year” by InfoWorld, alongside HTML 5 and the iPhone.

    • Visibility across your entire infrastructure
      Tintri hybrid storage lets you see the performance of any individual virtual machine, including a real-time breakdown of latency across network, host and storage. You always have a handle on your entire virtual footprint.

    • Common operating system and management
      Our hybrid storage shares a common operating system—Tintri OS—with Tintri all-flash storage. That means you can scale-out a combination of hybrid and all-flash to meet your needs and manage it all as a single pool. 

    • Multiple hypervisors and workloads on one platform
      Tintri VM-aware storage supports multiple, concurrent hypervisors. Plus, Tintri hybrid storage has the intelligence to accommodate all your workloads—desktops to databases—on a single platform with zero performance conflict.
  • Tintri Storage management

    Storage management for up to 160,000 virtual machines

    Whether you've got Tintri All-Flash Arrays or Hybrid-Flash Arrays, Tintri Global Center (TGC) software makes it easy for you to grow your storage footprint from 17 TB to more than 10 PB and manage it with just one employee. That's because Tintri lets you manage 32 VMstores as a single, federated pool of storage. You can see across your total footprint and then drill into any individual virtual machine, with visibility into latency that spans compute, network and storage. And TGC constantly works in the background, analyzing one million stats about your virtual machines every ten minutes—using this data to recommend the location for every VM that optimizes both cost and performance.

    Storage management also includes the ability to set data protection and quality of service (QoS) policies on groups of VMs. Automation ensures that as you move those VMs across your footprint, those policies follow—as do snapshots and clones. Tintri software lets you manage your storage more closely—with less effort.

    • Keep tabs on 160,000 VMs
      Operate a one-person control center. You can manage up to 32 VMstores as one, with complete visibility into all individual VMs (up to 160,000 of them). Insight into capacity, performance and the root cause of latency is always at your fingertips.

    • Set policies that stick
      Set up groups of like VMs, then apply data protection and quality of service (QoS) policies to those groups. When you move individual VMs out of groups and across your footprint, the policies follow—no manual intervention required.

    • Push “execute” and let Tintri do the rest
      Tintri storage management is always at work—crunching one million stats about your VMs every ten minutes. VM Scale-out software uses this data to recommend the best placement of every VM to optimize use of your capacity and performance.
  • Tintri Analytics

    Real-time and predictive storage analytics

    Every day is filled with decisions—some small (where to place a virtual machine) and some large (what storage investments are needed next quarter). Across that spectrum, Tintri’s storage analytics make it easy for you to make better decisions by putting the information you need at your fingertips.

    Baked into our all-flash arrays and hybrid-flash arrays, Tintri OS has always provided you full visibility into your individual virtual machines right now. See the root cause of latency, changes in performance usage and much more—all actionable in real-time.

    And we've expanded on this foundation with cloud-based predictive analytics. We provide you the power of Elasticsearch, so you can mine the rich meta-data that Tintri Analytics collects, crunching numbers from 160,000 VMs over several years in less than one second. Model your organization’s capacity and performance needs—for organic growth AND specific projects—based on the behavior of your applications.

    • Solve a latency problem in seconds
      An end user calls you—their application is running slow. You open the Tintri storage analytics UI, scroll over the VM in question and see the source of latency across host, network and storage. Problem solved.

    • Model your resource needs
      You’re planning next quarter’s resource requirements and budget. Tintri uses Apache Spark, fully Elastic search and your own rich meta-data to trend your use of capacity AND performance. Provision exactly what you need, only when you need it.

    • What-if application planning
      Your DevOps team has asked to add another 10 SQL servers to your Tintri footprint. Can you accommodate? Tintri storage analytics can break down the behavior of SQL servers already residing on VMstores, then help you complete what-if analysis on this request, so you can provide a precise yes / no answer.
  • Tintri Scale-out storage

    Scale-out storage made simple

    Data centers have long needed a better way to manage scale-out. Conventional storage cannot handle scale at a magnitude of tens of thousands of VMs—either they cannot scale to a sufficient number of nodes, or an expensive flash footprint overwhelms tightly coupled controllers. Either way, you’ve always had to invest in expensive hardware, proprietary interconnect and storage specialists to make it all work.

    But with Tintri VM-aware storage (VAS), you can scale-out starting with a single 17 TB all-flash array and grow up to 10 PB and 160,000 virtual machines.

    Manage a mix of all-flash and hybrid-flash storage as a federated pool, accommodating both existing and future systems. A loosely coupled design separates control flow from data flow to ensure low latency across a large number of nodes. And built-in intelligence conducts deep workload analysis to model growth and optimize the placement of every virtual machine. There's no custom hardware and no expensive interconnect—your entire footprint can be managed by just one dedicated employee. 

    • Deep workload analysis
      Tintri VM Scale-out software is always working in the background, analyzing up to one million statistics about your virtual machines every ten seconds. It looks back 30 days to capture performance peaks, not just averages, to better inform its recommendations and your decisions.

    • Optimize workload placement
      Scale-out algorithms recommend the optimal placement of every single virtual machine across your footprint. This considers snapshots, clones, thin provisioning and storage activity to ensure every recommendation has the least cost impact on capacity and performance. Just hit "execute" and Tintri does the rest. 

    • Attach policies to VMs like glue
      And as your virtual machines are moved around your virtual footprint, the data protection and QoS policies you’ve set for them will follow—as do snapshots and clones—without any manual intervention. So the policies you set when you have 500 VMs remain intact as you grow past 5,000 VMs. 
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