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The starting point for Wandera is our lightweight app on the device. The Wandera mobile app is employee friendly and helps educate users on their data usage and notifies them of any important policy updates you’ve introduced. Most importantly, we alert them directly for any major security event. The app monitors the pulse of the user device, whether smartphone or tablet, and collects these heartbeats for analysis. It’s the first, but important, view into mobile data. For example, Wandera identifies connections to rogue infrastructure like malicious Wi-Fi spots.
  • Wandera Threat Defense

    You can only prevent what you see

    The threat hiding within mobile data
    Wandera shines a light on the blind spot of mobile data and examines billions of data inputs every day. With our multi-level architecture, enterprises gain unrivaled visibility into security threats. Because we see more, we prevent more. Enterprises choose Wandera because they know you can only prevent what you can see.

    • Protecting you from more threats
      With increased visibility comes increased knowledge about threats. Wandera’s comprehensive security coverage prevents the full spectrum of attacks by understanding threats hidden within mobile data. From misconfigured mobile devices to apps that leak information, from malicious Wi-Fi spots to sophisticated web threats. Wandera has you covered.

    • The formula for real time prevention
      Enterprises benefit from the network effect of security knowledge gained from billions of daily data inputs analyzed by our SmartWire Cloud Intelligence Engine using sophisticated machine learning. This analysis augmented by heartbeats from our on-device app, external reputation engines, malware scanners, and databases creates a unique understanding of security threats. When you analyze more data, you intelligently prevent more threats.

    • A risk score for every device
      Every device is given a real-time risk score. Administrators know with certainty which devices to manage. Knowing the risky behavior helps focus scarce resources on protecting the enterprise from the most dangerous threats. An on-going company risk score allows executives to keep track of security performance.

    • Prevent threats with powerful controls
      The true strength of Wandera’s threat prevention solution is the ability for administrators to take action using automated policy controls. SmartWire, our cloud intelligence engine, uses the risk scores of apps, URL’s and devices to deliver flexible controls including alerts, filters, blocks, caps, and device quarantining.

    • Knowledge is power
      Everyday our global Wandera Security Research team provides enterprises with actionable security information. Wandera completes deep analysis of the industry’s largest and most varied dataset and combines it with the knowledge of the evolving mobile threat landscape. This intelligence is shared through security audits, live threat information in the RADAR web portal, and via published Wandera Threat Advisories on the most prominent mobile attacks.
  • Wandera Compliance

    You can only control what you see

    A real-time view into your mobile data
    The unrivalled real-time visibility into mobile data provided by Wandera helps enterprises create usage policy that was previously impossible. From browsing activity to app usage, we understand it all. Because we see more, we take the guesswork out of managing compliance. Enterprises choose Wandera because they know you can only control what you see.

    • Understand usage with intelligence
      By seeing all the mobile data through our Cloud Gateway, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with actionable data intelligence from SmartWire. Reports on the who, what, where and when of your mobile data. For example, for any specific app or website you can understand the extent of usage across the business, how much data is passed, and when and where in the world it is accessed. Wandera enables enterprises to maintain compliance – all the time.

    • Flexible mobile-first controls
      Mobile is different. Whether on a corporate owned device or their own, a user will typically combine business and personal use. They can be connected via the office WiFi, or travelling on a cellular connection. In each case you may want a different policy to apply. This is where Wandera’s mobile-first architecture steps in, by giving you both the real-time visibility and the ability to create flexible policy.

    • Controlling hidden usage
      Because we see all the mobile data, Wandera identifies and controls hidden unapproved usage. For example, with Wandera’s granular controls, it’s simple to allow access to a corporate approved cloud storage app, but block access to others, preventing corporate data being saved elsewhere. Enterprises use Wandera to discover and control hidden or shadow IT usage.

    • Filtering inappropriate content
      Today’s mobile devices are very visible by employees and customers everywhere. Protect the public reputation, and legal liability, of the enterprise by controlling usage of inappropriate content like adult or gambling on devices. Whether in an app or through a browser, Wandera blocks inappropriate content in our Cloud Gateway before it ever reaches the device.

    • A focus on employee productivity
      Personal usage on corporate owned mobile devices is a potential productivity drain. Wandera helps improve employee productivity by limiting access to non-business related apps and websites. By applying policies in real-time Wandera removes the management from enforcing compliance.
  • Wandera Data Cost Management

    Reduce Data Usage Daily

    Understanding how your data is being used

    The key to reducing data usage is unrivalled visibility. Because we sit in the path of the data, Wandera understands in real-time exactly how the data is used. Wandera helps enterprises know where the user is geographically, what apps they are using, how much data they have consumed, and much more. By seeing into the actual data, enterprises know where savings are possible. And by implementing simple but intelligent usage policies, daily data reduction is a reality.

    • The Wandera formula for data savings
      There is no single method for reducing data usage. But with Wandera, enterprises benefit from a formula of many intelligent controls that together generate substantial savings. With Wandera data is reduced by up to half.

    • Real savings with domestic policy controls
      Controlling usage is not just about reducing roaming charges. Domestic use is a key part of the equation. Making sure your existing plan supports all your users and that you don’t experience overages. Reduction in data usage is achieved by installing local domestic controls and limiting access to non-business apps. For example, you can limit access to streaming Netflix when a user is on a cellular connection.

    • Strict roaming policy controls
      When combined with domestic controls, strict roaming controls provide significant savings. These granular policies are configurable by content types, specific apps and websites, individual users, groups, and where they are in the world. For example, you can limit access to YouTube, when a user is on a cellular connection during long distance business travel.

    • Cap usage to prevent bill shock
      Make the pain of bill shock events a thing of the past by capping usage in real-time both domestically and when roaming. But better yet, with Wandera’s controls, enterprises manage “always on” whitelisting of key applications, like email, regardless of data cap status. Critical business apps remain unaffected but the user is notified with warnings in the Wandera Mobile app when approaching cap thresholds.

    • Advanced data compression
      Extra data savings are possible with advanced compression of unencrypted video, images and text. The compression is configurable based on your preferences, and operates seamlessly without impacting the employee experience.
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