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WannaCry? It's not over
End of the day, AV can't protect against Advance Malware Threats. Our Malwarebytes solutions can add as a protection layer on top of the AV to deal with Zero Day threat (Unknown threat). AV can only deal with known threats.
StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® SPX lets you rapidly and reliably back up, recover, and migrate your virtual and physical Windows and Linux systems with a single, cross-platform solution.

Protect virtual and physical Windows and Linux servers, plus Windows desktops and laptops – all from a common UI.
Instantly boot backup images as VMs with StorageCraft VirtualBoot™ technology.
View and manage backup images directly from within the patented job timeline.
Customize Continuous, Mixed, Full, or Manual backup schedules.
Supports a broad range of hypervisor platforms, including VMware and Hyper-V.
Sculpt and paint intuitively. Animate in real time. Share data in a single step. 

Our media and entertainment solutions are designed for digital media creation, management, and delivery across many disciplines, from film and television visual effects to animation, game development, and design visualization

StorageCraft VirtualBoot
for vSphere Technology

StorageCraft® VirtualBootTM technology boots a backup image of a system volume into a virtual machine (VM). Anytime you need to quickly virtualize a system that is protected by our backup software, VirtualBoot is the tool you use

Unified Communications
and Collaboration

Explore communications, conferencing, and infrastructure solutions that support real-time engagement by integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and more. As Avaya puts you ahead in a world of mobility, apps, social, and cloud,  your workforce becomes more seamlessly connected and productivity increases.



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