Tuesday, August 22, 2023

"We are thrilled to unveil a robust and dynamic partnership between Zuler Technology PTE. LTD's esteemed DeskIn brand and ACA Pacific . This collaboration is poised to drive advanced remote collaboration and extend our footprint in the rapidly growing Southeast Asian (SEA), Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market. The synergy between DeskIn, a leading provider of remote collaboration software and ACA Pacific, a dominant force in technology distribution within the SEA and ANZ market, forms the cornerstone of this endeavor. Notably, DeskIn Enterprise, acclaimed for its reliable and secure remote desktop solutions embedded with high-performance features and meticulous security functions, will usher in distinctiveness across various product and service offerings by leveraging our cutting-edge tech solutions. As the demand for remote work surges, this partnership takes center stage, presenting a seamless and resilient solution to enhance user experiences across industries encompassing Design and IT throughout the SEA and ANZ region. ACA Pacific, a trusted name in technology distribution, underscores the pivotal role of remote work portability in the Design and Technology sector. With DeskIn's innovative solution, remote collaboration is poised to achieve unprecedented heights, empowering professionals to work effortlessly from any location and device. ACA Pacific. is committed to not only providing a dependable collaboration platform but also safeguarding against content leakage, while simultaneously attracting talent on a global scale.

Craig Gledhill, CEO of ACA Pacific emphasized, "DeskIn's cutting-edge real-time communication, SD-WAN, and encoding/decoding capabilities empower users across diverse industries to elevate remote collaboration to unprecedented levels. We are thrilled to collaborate with DeskIn to infuse distinctiveness into our partners' product and service offerings, extending usability and pushing the boundaries of users' daily work.This partnership will empower professionals to harness DeskIn's advanced features and elevate their remote collaboration experience.”

Key High-Performance Features Enabling Efficient Remote Collaboration Include:

Reliable 4K Resolution – Perform work in real-time with 4k HD quality and frame rates up to 60 frames per second (fps).

4:4:4 True Colour – Experience the most accurate colours, contrasts, and image details.

Apple Pencil – Enjoy enhanced orientation, tilt, and size of stylus devices and pens during a remote session.

Digital drawing tablet and stylus USB Passthrough – Work remotely with precision using specialised tools remotely, including various Wacom digital drawing tablets featuring up to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity for more efficient work with 3D modelling software, and customised gamepads and controllers to level up user experience.

Microphone Passthrough – Virtually connect a local microphone input with a remote computer and seamlessly access needed apps, such as recording software, meeting software, and dictation software. Audio can be passthrough in both directions.

Virtual Screen & Multi-to-Multi Screen – When the remote computer which to be accessed has only one screen, or even no screen in the case of rack server or blade server, but the local computer which initiates the remote access has multiple screens, the virtual extended screen function can be used to maximise the utilisation of the display resources of the local settings.

Granular Security Functionalites - Loggings, Screen recording, Role Based Management, 2FA, Watermark


About Zuler Technology PTE. LTD.:

Zuler is a leading company specialising in remote cloud solutions. The remote collaboration product brand name is DeskIn, which represents All Desks in One. Our extensive portfolio includes innovative offerings such as remote collaboration, cloud desktop, and digital twin. With a strong foundation in cloud rendering, our founding team boasts over a decade of experience in Real-Time Communication (RTC) technology development, catering to nearly 400 million monthly active users. Through the seamless integration of cutting-edge RTC technology, DeskIn stands out by delivering exceptional user experiences in remote collaboration, cloud desktop, and digital twin. Our products excel in providing high-resolution, high-frame-rate, and low-latency experiences. Even in challenging network conditions, our solutions demonstrate remarkable resilience, ensuring uninterrupted cloud rendering experiences, regardless of connection strength.


About ACA Pacific:

ACA Pacific is an established Regional Value-Added Distribution Company since 1986. Serving the Asia-Pacific region for more than 30 years, our forte is in selecting and integrating the “Best-of-Breed” software and hardware to meet changing business dynamics. Today, ACA Pacific  continues to be in the forefront of technology marketplace in Asia, with an extensive network of over 30,000 trained and certified channel partners offering an extensive range of integrated solutions, products and professional services in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand.



Contact Information:

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