Emergency Notification Server

Let ENS handle emergency response, so you can focus on critical decision-making. A powerful emergency comms solution to optimize coordination and ensure safety.

A premises-based software application, Alcatel-Lucent Emergency Notification Server (ENS) addresses emergency call handling, on-site and remote security alerts and localization of emergency calls from an enterprise environment to reach the appropriate public safety dispatch center: PSAP (public safety answering point) or LSAP (local safety answering point).

ENS offers complete call routing, recording and conferencing capabilities, keeping trace of every emergency call and notification. ENS is fully integrated with Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite and OmniPCX Enterprise as part of an end-to-end campus emergency communications solution.


  • Leverage network-wide phone/radio communications, PC desktop alerts, SMS and email for emergency calls
  • Quickly alert security personnel and emergency services with accurate, real-time situational data
  • Coordinate emergency forces on- and off-site via conference bridge
  • Meet NENA (E911 North America) or EENA (112 EU) requirements for regulatory compliance
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