Greetings for SMB

Customer welcome, call routing and automated attendant features for small to medium-sized businesses.

What do your customers experience when they call your office?
Imagine if it was as slick and professional as calling a big company, with a professional welcome, efficient call routing, end-to-end call management, overflow at peak times...

But that's expensive, right?
In fact, as a native feature of the OXO Connect, it's easier and cheaper than you'd think.

Alcatel-Lucent greetings features for SMB handle your inbound calls seamlessly and professionally, for a premium customer experience at a fraction of the cost.


  • Give a positive first impression to customers calling your business
  • Distribute inbound calls to your team correctly according to defined routing rules
  • Provide employees with call forwarding functionality and secure, remote access to their voicemail boxes
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