LGS CodeGuardian

Strengthen your device protection at both the binary executable and software source levels to increase overall network security.
To secure against the increasing number of malicious network attacks worldwide, we've partnered with LGS Innovations to bring their CodeGuardian technology to the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch family of products.

CodeGuardian protects networks from intrinsic vulnerabilities, code exploits, embedded malware, and potential back doors that could compromise mission-critical operations by hardening the OmniSwitch software on three levels:

  • Independently verifying and validating (IV&V) and analysing the vulnerability of switch source code
  • Diversifying software to prevent exploitation
  • Securely delivering software

  • Identify and remove hidden vulnerabilities in your network
  • Conduct independent verification and validation of your switch source code
  • Secure the entire OmniSwitch family of products

  • Available AOS releases: OmniSwitch 6450, 6855, 6850E, 9000E, 6860, 6900, 9900, 10K
  • Addresses multiple potential software threats: back door threats, embedded malware, exploitable vulnerabilities, exposure of proprietary or classified information
  • IV&V and vulnerability analysis addresses external interfaces such as:
    • HTTPS interface
    • Login interface
    • NTP interface
    • Command line interface
    • IP port usage
    • SNMP interface
    • Data packet interface
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