Mobile Guest Softphone

This mobile app for the hospitality industry empowers guests and employees, with all the features of a hotel room phone on a mobile device.

Instead of building an expensive telephony infrastructure, many hotels are taking advantage of their existing Wi-Fi network — and the fact that most guests have a smartphone - to integrate telephone functionality and hotel services in a mobile application that can run on a guest's device.

In addition to making calls within the hotel, the Mobile Guest Softphone app lets guests make local phone calls without paying roaming charges, book a table in the hotel restaurant, order a taxi, book a spa treatment or order room service. And if guests want to use multiple devices in the same room? It's a piece of cake, thanks to automatic registration.


  • Turn a guest smartphone or tablet into a mobile extension of a phone in a hotel room
  • Reduce guests' communication costs when traveling
  • Create upsell opportunities by using the application to promote hotel services to guests
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