OmniAccess Stellar LBS Software Development Kit

Develop solutions to address any location requirements, from the simplest to the most complex - all while delivering the highest quality performance and reliability.

The OmniAccess Stellar LBS SDK is a Software Development Kit: a set of software development tools that allows the creation of Location Based Services on various mobile devices and operating systems. When used with a smartphone and OmniAccess Stellar BLE beacons, or OmniAccess Stellar 1230APs, it captures the location signals from the beacons and translates those into real-time location information.

The data gathered from the SDK is communicated to OmniAccess Stellar LBS Cloud Manager, a cloud management application, via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE. 


  • Display a user's real-time location to them in an app
  • Freedom to develop in-app location features to your specific needs

  • 3D location
  • Geonotifications
  • Sensor management
  • Data sync with Cloud Management
  • Uplink: geonotification events, beacon monitoring data
  • Down link: Configuration files
  • Continues to operate when offline
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