OmniAccess Wireless Access Points

Our dependent, remote and instant access points deliver a high-performance wireless mobility solution for enterprises.

Small and lightweight, Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Access Points work with OmniAccess WLAN switches/controllers to provide a high performance wireless mobility solution for enterprises. They can be securely deployed in a variety of locations such as on walls, cubicles, desktops, and in the ceiling, and the AP antenna diversity allows for the best possible signal processing using dual, omni-directional antennas.

OmniAccess APs have an extended lifespan because they automatically configure themselves across any L2/L3 network using discovery, allowing easy upgrades when new features, capabilities, or standards emerge.


  • Deliver superb Wi-Fi performance in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments
  • Control Access Points (APs) locally or remotely, or in controller-less Instant mode
  • Ensure that devices are connected to the best AP as users move about your campus

  • ClientMatch technology continuously gathers connection metrics from mobile devices and steers clients to the best AP and radio on the WLAN
  • AirGroup works across multiple subnets and can free up to 10 times the Wi-Fi bandwidth by preventing multicast traffic
  • AppRF technology continuously evaluates usage and performance to ensure optimal bandwidth, priority and network paths
  • Spectrum Analysis capabilities provide visibility into all sources of RF interference and their effects on WLAN performance
  • Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) dynamically adapts to the RF environment to ensure Wi-Fi stability, predictability and optimal performance
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