OmniPCX Open Gateway

Easily integrate business communications into your applications or processes.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Open Gateway (O2G) provides REST Full APIs to help developers access OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (CS) capabilities, including advanced call control, system and user management and analytics using open web interfaces.

In addition, the O2G is a scalable application gateway that has a built-in Docker engine to host your applications as micro-services saving server space and improving security.

Finally, it provides high-availability and enhanced serviceability tooling capabilities for developing mission-critical applications used in verticals and industries for on-premises systems.


  • Integrate communication services into your business apps and processes
  • Offer a rich set of REST APIs to developers, open standard and simple to use
  • Automate management tasks with MANAGEMENT API 
  • Get your DATA though the Analytics API
  • For mission-critical environments
  • Interact with a developers’ community though the ALE Developer’s Program
  • Complementary approach to Rainbow CPaaS, advanced telephony and management 

  • Pure software
  • Advanced Telephony APIs from call-control to phone-set programming
  • Premium DeskPhones APIs for a build screen for notification on Premium
  • DeskPhones terminals
  • System, user and device management APIs
  • Analytics APIs for inventory, performance and metering
  • Built-in Docker engine for multi-services hosting
  • Three types of licensing models from CAPEX and OPEX to a consumption-based model
  • High-availability and utility tools
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