OpenTouch Conversation for SMB


OpenTouch Conversation (OTCV) for OXO Connect is a mobile application connected to the OXO Connect system. It delivers advanced unified communication services to Apple iPhone®, Android™, and Windows mobile devices, with features including single identity, directory lookup, enterprise telephony, unified instant messaging, and call routing control. Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Conversation mobile solutions for smartphones help users increase their productivity significantly.

  • Single identity: one phone number across multiple devices (desk phone, mobile, personal computer, home phone)
  • Directory lookup: search local and corporate contacts from an easy-to-use interface
  • Instant access to contacts with single click to call
  • Unified call log with notification of new instant messages, new voice messages, and missed calls
  • Business calling anywhere: choose to dial from a local contact list or corporate directory, favorite contacts list, business communication history, voicemail interface and more using any dial format, including an enterprise dialing plan
  • Instant messaging with internal colleagues
  • Mid-call control: take a call, clear a call, transfer a call, hold/retrieve a call, switch between calls and more, three party conference
  • Telephony presence only with OTCV Windows Phone
  • Control which devices will ring (desk phone, mobile, personal computer, home phone, colleague or other) based on office and mobile profiles
  • Get Call feature can switch a call from a mobile to an office phone instantly
  • Unified business communication history: filter by event type (voice calls and voice messages) or display all events, on any device
  • Visual voicemail: display and manage voice messages with a visual voicemail interface that lets you select, play back or delete messages in any order
  • Distinctive ringing between internal and external calls
  • Business and private call options, with calls processed either by the Alcatel-Lucent communication server (OTCV for Android), or by the mobile carrier, via the app or regular dialpad
  • SIP Companion VoIP option allows use of company Wi-Fi for both voice and data (iPhone and Android only)
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