SketchUp is the most widely used
3D modeling tool in the world.

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SketchUp Studio is the simplest way to steer your projects ahead with confidence. Model your project with the SketchUp tools you know and love, plus all the analysis tools you need to build efficient buildings.

Whatever your project goals, we can help. Whether you’re designing a passive low energy home, wanting to meet the 2030 challenge or aiming for another performance goal, SketchUp Studio helps you drive consensus on how to improve your project and worry less about whether you’re on track.

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SketchUp Certification

ATC is an Authorized Training Centre of Trimble SketchUp which are
independent training facilities that are authorized to conduct training
programs offered. Trimble create and deliver valuable training
content through ATC partners all over the world. you could reach out
to our local partners get more information

SketchUp Features


PreDesign is a cloud-based platform that provides useful
climate information to designers looking to start conceptual
design with confidence.

Live Component

Using Live Components with the 2021 SketchUp update allows for greater project scalability and benefits a wide range of use cases including architectural configuration, interior design, as-built modeling, space planning, and rapid iterations of concept or aesthetic.
Improved Tag Management

In this release, you can organize multiple tags into Tag Folders and control the visibility of folders per scene. Additionally, folders can expand and collapse, making it easier to scan your tag structure & find the tags you need.

LayOut helps you show your client or partner that you’ve captured what you have discussed, and move the project forward confidently.
3D Warehouse

An online repository with millions of free models. Instantly add entourage and context to projects. Browse thousands of real-world products from recognized brands to specify appliances, furniture, floor coverings, and more.
Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is a cloud-based platform that connects the right people to the right constructible data, at the right time. Access vital project information anywhere and collaborate with tools for 3D markup, task assignment, and clash checking.
SketchUp Viewer

SketchUp Viewer: communicate and experience design in 3D. You’ve done all the work in SketchUp, but the stakeholders just need to view the model. Use the SketchUp Viewer for Desktop to share your work with others — whether they have access to SketchUp or not.
SketchUp for Web

Start modeling right away, Modeling in SketchUp for Web takes just three steps:
1. Open your favorite browser.
2. Launch SketchUp.
3. Get creative!

Extention Warehouse

There are hundreds of third-party add-ons to extend the tools and features of SketchUp. Improve workflows by reducing time-consuming, complex, or repetitive processes. There are extensions for photorealistic rendering, reporting, parametric modeling, animation, and more.

Sefaira’s analysis is nimble enough to keep up with the pace of conceptual and schematic design. Run full annual simulations powered by industry-accredited analysis engines, and get your building performance results in minutes instead of weeks.

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SketchUp Blog

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Who uses SketchUp?
SketchUp is the most widely used 3D modeling tool in the world.
Each year, more than 41 million professionals and hobbyists deliver highly creative projects across architecture, engineering, construction, product design, retail, interior design, logistics, manufacturing, furniture design, and more.

Why is SketchUp the 1st choice for leading design professionals?
● It’s intuitive and quick to learn (and train)
● It’s extremely affordable, more users for less
● It doesn’t require expensive hardware to run
● It enables creative yet accurate and detailed design

SketchUp has strategic partners such as Adobe, Vray, Lumion, Enscape,
Microsoft, Hololens and more. It integrates with many other 2D/3D software tools through imports and exports or as SketchUp Extensions.

(*Includes device activations and users of classic perpetual licenses, subscriptions, SketchUp Free and SketchUp’s discontinued free product.)
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Getting Started with SketchUp
30 Day Free Trial
SketchUp Pro

SketchUp interoperability has the ability to revolutionise workflows to make projects progress smoothly.
It can be a breeze to make changes to your projects, or to duplicate components! 
No longer use a calculator to calculate costs – it’s automated!
No longer spend time making 2D drawings – it’s automated!
Eliminate construction wastage by creating animations to divide construction into phases.
Make construction phases easier to understand and predict implications through 3D videos. 
And yes, they are all included in one software!


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