Transforming education

Deliver a more connected, mobile, and interactive learning experience

Educators communicate to expand the reach of knowledge and foster collaboration inside and outside the classroom. Through digital transformation using cloud-based computing, mobile connectivity, and streaming video collaboration, institutions enable learning anytime and anywhere.



Transform learning with a modern experience learning platform

Manage a digital learning experience platform that keeps students organized and connected—no matter their locations. Avaya Experience Platform brings all your capabilities together in one app: house your content, manage communication data, and collaborate as needed with one person or a whole classroom.

  • An all-in-one approach gives everyone a single learn-from-anywhere app.
  • An accessible browser interface increases digital equity and opens resource access from mobile devices—even for devices without high-performance or high-capacity data storage.
  • The admin interface includes building tools designed to let learning organizations compose unique learning experiences effortlessly.
  • Collaborative labs and virtual classroom sessions empower community among learners.
  • Enable curriculum with micro & experiential learning.
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