Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway & F5


As a member of the F5 Technology Alliance Program, Clearswift and F5 provide a highly scalable secure application delivery platform that takes full advantage of Clearswift’s unique Adaptive Redaction technology, enabling the ability to detect information loss risks alongside the facility to resolve them in a pro-active manner, alerting organizations to potential internal or external data breaches; immediately.

  • Cloud Connectivity: Clearswift and F5 simplifies the optimization, authorized information collaboration and accessibility of business applications, ensuring that they’re fast, secure, and available — wherever they are.
  • A Simplified SECURE Application Acceleration Architecture: the combination of acceleration techniques and increased security with Adaptive Redaction ensures that in times of stress and pressure, only authorized content will be loaded, removing the risk of sensitive or unauthorized content being posted to the production web server prior to official disclosure.
  • Reduced Application Vulnerabilities: maintain application uptime due to the removal of targeted malware intent on damaging the web experience of users.
  • Web Services Delivery: ensure sensitive data is always protected, even when the stress to deliver web services quickly can cause organizations to move services from development to production environments without following the appropriate security procedures.
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