ETERNUS SF - Flexible Data Management


The comprehensive and flexible data management for ETERNUS DX storage systems and ALl-Flash Arrays offer convenient, consistent and powerful tools with enterprise class functionality even for the entry class. Innovative and advanced functions increase operational efficiency and help to implement appropriate service levels. Complementing the integrated ETERNUS hardware storages and the ETERNUS SF storage management software is used to support overall daily operations within the entire storage infrastructure. ETERNUS system's embedded management, together with ETERNUS SF, serve as the overarching basis for Fujitsu's highly efficient Flexible Data Management. It offers the same usability for all operational workflows throughout the ETERNUS system, from entry-level systems up to the high-end models.

  • Reduces operational cost through centralized management and uniform administrative tools
  • Lowers the workload and training needs of administrative staff
  • Allows comprehensive views of system status and system health
  • Enables preemptive fault countermeasures
  • Reduces time for fault and incident detection and error fix
  • Significantly improve application data access, availability and performance
  • Helps to avoid, identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks
  • Increases quality of service
  • Lowers acquisition cost while increasing I/O performance
  • Reduces total cost of ownership, energy consumption and system footprint
  • Replication and backup tailorable to business needs
  • Frees server resources for operative tasks
  • Prevents loss of vital information and data
  • Ensures continous business operations, services and production under any circumstances
  • Round the clock application availability
  • Ease-of-use and affordable business continuity
  • Decreases expenditures for power and cooling
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