FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2800E3 unifies the economic and flexibility benefits of x86 industry standard servers with mission-critical uptime features. Featuring eight of the Intel® Xeon® processor E7-8800 v4 product family provided with up to 192 cores and 24TB DDR4 memory, the PRIMEQUEST 2800E3 provides unprecedented performance and memory capacity for demanding solutions. Mission critical features enable for an outstanding platform reliability with innovative error prevention and self-healing capabilities to allow uninterrupted business processes.

  • Unity of x86 efficiency and flexibility with mission-critical availability
  • Lower license fees and software maintenance costs for Oracle databases
  • Flexible platform to best meet individual requirements
  • Business continuity ensured even if there is a failure in one of the partitions
  • Its built-in error prevention/correction and self-healing capabilities result in outstanding platform reliability
  • All serviceable system modules can be accessed from the front or rear of the system without any cabling hassle. Moreover, Dynamic Reconfiguration enables online maintenance without the need for restarts or planned downtimes
  • Unprecedented performance and memory capacity for demanding corporate databases, in-memory solutions and mission-critical applications
  • Fast I/O throughput ensured
  • Efficient usage of available resources and simplified resource management without any need for restarts
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