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Apps have won on mobile. Smartphone apps now represent 60% of all time spent online. However, while mobile apps bring new conveniences, such as mobile banking, they also introduce new risks in the form of mobile security threats such as trojans that steal login credentials, and jailbroken/rooted devices that leave your apps vulnerable to data compromise. Leveraging the world’s largest mobile data set from of over 170 million mobile devices worldwide, Lookout can detect security threats and risks such as a breach of customer data, and take action by blocking access before customer data is compromised.

  • In-App Protection SDK
    Deploy the App Defense SDK into your customer-facing apps within minutes, allowing you to gain app security without compromising user experience or time to market.

  • Cloud-backed architecture
    Our cloud-first and device-assisted architecture, which includes support for offline mode, allows Lookout to deploy new threat protection without requiring a version update or relying on a resource-heavy agent.

  • Security at consumer scale
    With over 170 million mobile devices running Lookout, you can have confidence your app security will scale with your customers.

  • Continuous and proactive protection
    Whether the device is connected to a network or not, Lookout enables continuous protection via our machine learning-driven dataset of over 70 million apps. This enables you to proactively protect your customers in real time with unrivaled visibility into the mobile app threat landscape.
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