Lookout for Small Business



Lookout for Small Business makes it easy for your customers to secure their mobile devices with predefined protection settings, a simple three click deployment process, and on-device remediation guidance for users. Now you can give your small business customers visibility, protection and control for mobile employees connecting to the latest cloud productivity services.

  • Help small businesses address mobile risks
    Close a large security gap for your customers with comprehensive mobile threat detection, reporting, and remediation capabilities.

  • Mobile security for your customers
    Cyber threats target organizations of all sizes - deliver mobile protection to companies without dedicated IT or security teams

  • Bundle security with your cloud services
    Bundle and protect mobile access to the latest cloud productivity services for all employees

  • Securely enable mobility
    Embrace more flexible mobility programs, including BYOD, to increase employee productivity and stay competitive

  • Privacy by design
    Deliver security services that maintain employee privacy, while delivering protection from the latest threats

  • Easy to deploy and maintain
    Drive broad adoption by customers with a simple three click deployment process with pre-defined protections and simplified management
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