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Lookout Personal is the only solution that provides mobile security, identity protection and theft prevention in a single app. Tens of millions of individuals who use their phones for everything and are concerned about the security and privacy of their personal information have turned to Lookout for a simple and straightforward way to help protect their devices and their personal data. Get Lookout Personal today for all-in-one mobile security and identity theft protection.

  • All-in-one Protection
    Only Lookout combines the most advanced mobile security with all-in-one identity protection and intelligent theft prevention

  • Powerful Mobile Security
    Secure your smartphone against mobile threats like malware, adware, and phishing, before they do harm with the world’s most advanced mobile security

  • Identity Theft Protection
    Lookout gives you 24/7 access to ID Restoration Experts and $1M Identity Theft Insurance* to help recover and restore your identity

  • Breach Report
    Get timely alerts on corporate breaches that may affect you and advice on simple steps to protect your personal information

  • Theft Protection
    Lookout gives you the easiest tools to find your lost or stolen phone, including email alerts with a photo and map if a thief tries to steal it

  • Safe Wifi
    Safe Wi-Fi - Get alerts when a network you join is dangerous or under attack to help protect your personal and financial data from unsafe Wi-Fi networks.
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