PRIMECENTER M1 19-inch Racks


The Fujitsu PRIMECENTER M1 19-inch Racks are the basis for rack configurations, such as server, storage systems as well as operating controls, such as consoles, switches, power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). As the PRIMECENTER M1 19-inch Racks are based on the industry standards EIA310-D, DIN41494 and IEC 297, they can accommodate commercial products that match such standards. The racks can be extended horizontally and fit into the existing IT scenario.

  • To install Fujitsu Technology Solutions rack servers, storage products and components as well as products from other manufacturers.
  • Different rack frames for efficient server, switch, power and cable installation with best possible airflow.
  • Asymmetric rack structure with perfect lateral cable management (700 mm width) or symmetric rack structures (600 mm or 700 mm width)
  • 16 - 42 U, up to 6 vertical slots for switches or cable routing
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