PRIMERGY Energy Efficient

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY systems are optimized to provide the best energy efficiency. From the mainboards developed and manufactured in Germany through to the selection of components, everything is aimed at providing minimum power consumption and simultaneously the best compute performance. But it takes more than just the hardware’s energy efficiency: A full approach in IT strategy includes scale-out scenarios, server & storage consolidation and virtualization helping you to face the challenges. 

And here‘s the good news: there is a simple way to save money! A highly efficient infrastructure reduces air-conditioning and energy costs. The new generation of PRIMERGY servers use highly efficient components, sophisticated cooling technology and top-quality power management tools. Servers can thus support a wider range of temperatures and the risk of heat-related downtimes drops thanks to Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design. And for the future, we are already working on technologies to further improve cooling of the data center by Cool-safe® Liquid Cooling Technology. In combination with approaches like consolidation or virtualization, this can lead to a greener data center with lowered operational expenses. 

At Fujitsu, we prove over and over again that we follow our mission: to provide our customers with high performing, energy efficient and reliable server systems. Fujitsu has continually optimized its x86-based servers for virtualization and cloud environments over several generations. The energy efficiency of FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY systems improved by factor 30 since the start of power and performance characteristic measurements since 2007.
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