PRIMERGY ServerView® Suite Dynamize


Further simplify and accelerate provisioning of IT infrastructures. Become more flexible and make IT operation even more efficient.


ServerView® Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition
ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition (ROR CE) is infrastructure management software for delivering IT infrastructures simple, fast and reliable. ROR CE offers dynamic resource management and cloud service management enabling self-service provisioning in private cloud environments. Physical and virtual servers, storage and networks, are automatically provisioned in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of traditional provisioning methods. In addition, ROR CE guarantees the availability of IT infrastructures by providing a number of high-availability options at various levels. 
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ServerView® Resource Orchestrator Virtual Edition
ServerView Resource Orchestrator Virtual Edition (ROR VE) is server resource management software delivering uniform operations for pools of physical and virtual servers. By simplifying and automating server lifecycle operations ROR VE reduces time for deploying or exchanging servers dramatically. In addition, ROR VE delivers cost-effective high-availability for a complete server pool as many productive servers can share a few failover systems. Leveraging an intuitive management console, even non-specialist staff can easily perform daily operations in a mixed environment of virtual and physical servers. 
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ServerView® Virtual-IO Manager
ServerView Virtual-IO Manager radically eases data center tasks. It greatly simplifies the management of PRIMERGY rack and blade servers in LAN and SAN environments while providing highest flexibility at their deployment and operation. 
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