TalariaX SendQuick Entera


sendQuick Entera is an enhanced version of sendQuick Enterprise with additional IT Alert Notification capabilities.

sendQuick Entera is positioned as an Business Process Automation messaging solution. It has the capability to help business address inter- and intra-department requirements to reduce workflow bottlenecks and improve on responsiveness.

  • Build-in Address Book & Shift (roster) management
  • Monitor with PING, Port & URL check for system downtime alerts
  • Keyword Management for Interactive SMS
  • User web interface for broadcast or send SMS (SMS scheduler available)
  • Multiple user access rights, configurable by the user administrator for better user management
  • Email filter system to send only important alerts to single or multiple users
  • SMTP (email), SNMP Trap and Syslog filter for selective SMS alert messages
  • Hassle-free integration to an unlimited number of backend applications
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