Vault Platform

With Vault Solo on your team, workers will feel protected, connected and informed, while creating a safer and more productive environment.

• A safety solution unlike any other
• An intuitive live dashboard for all your safety needs
* Send and receive notifications and alerts from workers
* Simple, easy-to-use check-ins
* User configurable to easily manage check-in timings
* Smart customisable escalation and notification options
* Individual and team messaging
• Gain full visibility over your worker's safety
• Monitor your workers heart rate to avoid dangerous situations
Always know how your workers are responding to any situation with heart rate monitoring delivered to your dashboard.
• Complete dashboard overview with live updating
The live dashboard provides you with real time updates of any detected falls from a solo watch wearer for alert management.
• Manage your entire workforce in real time
Easily manage and view workers, includes team messaging and simple to create safe/exclusion zones.
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