Vault Wearable

When a fall is detected, Solo will ask if you are okay. Failure to answer will trigger an alert, ensuring that if you are unable to call for help, someone is aware and can send aid.
• All the benefits of our powerful app with the convenience of a wearable
* Powerful, integrated and user friendly
* Full functionality of the Solo Mobile app
* Easily view nearby workers and teams
* Latest Samsung Galaxy smartwatch technology
* Includes Vault Solo custom watch face to suit your style
• Ideal for when your phone is a distraction or out of reach
With the Solo Watch your workers can still check in, view nearby workers and stay safe across all working conditions.
• Now with Fall Detection to know when anything happens
• Vault are proud to be Samsung’s official Solutions Partner
Using the power of the latest Galaxy smartwatch to keep your workers organised, healthy and safe.
* Call, text and email functions at your fingertips
* Samsung Health app to stay on top of your fitness goals
* Daily Assistant for reminders, meetings and goals
* Customise your very own stunning watchface
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