VERSA Director


Versa Director simplifies and automates the creation, delivery, management and operations of network and security services of the Versa Cloud IP software platform. It provides integrated life-cycle management, orchestration, and monitoring in a single application.

  • Single Pane of Management
    Centralized management and monitoring of networking and security across all sites and tenants from a single portal.
  • Configuration & Policy Templates
    Configuration templates simplify and accelerate deployment process by standardizing all settings across multiple services.
  • Automated Provisioning
    Zero-touch provisioning and end-to-end workflows simplify deployment and easily integrate into existing environments.
  • Real-time Monitoring
    Organization, tenant or appliance-based monitoring integrated with robust policies for auto-healing to maximize uptime.
  • Multi-Tenancy
    Deploy and manage multiple customers or departments on a single hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Role Based Access
    Enable visibility and control for each customer, department, IT or branch manager with RBAC and SSO support with SAML.
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