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Global Premium Hotels Limited


  • Establishing strong, stable and fast wireless connectivity to boost guest satisfaction amidst a competitive landscape
  • Overhauling Wi-Fi infrastructure for higher performance allowing for swift decision making and troubleshooting
  • Managing multiple hotel properties with limited IT staff
  1. Deployed RUCKUS® R320 access points
  2. Deployed RUCKUS ICX 7150 PoE switches
  3. Deployed RUCKUS Cloud
  • Reduced downtime by 50%
  • Cutdown IT support calls by 50%
  • Reduced customer complaints by 30%


How Global Premium Hotels Limited enhanced its hospitality Wi-Fi services to exceed guest experiences and gain a competitive edge


Global Premium Hotels Limited (GPHL) operates one of Singapore’s largest chains of hotels with 23 hotels, which include eight operating under the Fragrance brand and two under the Parc Sovereign brand. GPHL provides economy-tier and mid-tier class of accommodation with 1,978 rooms in Singapore, with a majority of hotels located in the city or city-fringe areas. Their established track record and reputation of providing affordable accommodation has led to the hotel group becoming well-recognised in the local and regional hospitality industry.

With technology dramatically changing the way customers interact and choose hotels, GPHL turned to CommScope- RUCKUS to offer a better guest experience.



In today’s modern hospitality environment, Wi-Fi places far and above all over amenities. Hotels are now acknowledging the influence Wi-Fi has on guest satisfaction, booking decisions and loyalty, given it is critical to effectively deliver hotel management services. This comes as no surprise given the burgeoning state of hyperconnectivity worldwide, where consumers are finding more ways to become connected and benefit from access to online content. From online check-in to in-room services to conference room connectivity, modern guests expect fast speeds and total coverage, without complication and without limit. They fully expect hotels to keep up with the high standards and level of functionality now commonly found in their own homes.

Increasingly, hoteliers including GPHL are pressed to keep pace with evolving guest needs and behaviours in order to deliver a satisfactory Wi-Fi experience to their guests. To GPHL, it soon became clear that their current technology could not keep up with the needs of their guests.

Their current hospitality-based networking hardware had been in use for many years, with disparate hardware from different and non-enterprise vendors. This presented a major issue with product support, control consolidation and performance. The hotel’s Wi-FI network thus experienced frequent downtimes due to switch failures, which subsequently led to an uptick in customer complaints on connectivity issues. GPHL also had a lean IT team; this meant that the hotel relied on reactive servicing as opposed to monitoring hardware status and usage in real-time to proactively solve issues as they arise.


Given these issues, GPHL opted for a network refresh as part of their move to improve guest satisfaction across all their hotel properties. After a comprehensive search for alternatives, CommScope-RUCKUS was selected as the vendor given their reputation for dependable and innovative WiFi solutions, quality in the industry, and having the best value-to- performance solution.

GPHL also noted that CommScope-RUCKUS was able to deliver better performance at lower cost. This, in addition to confidence in ease of configuration and setup of networking equipment by CommScope-RUCKUS, led the hotel chain to deploy a suite of RUCKUS connectivity solutions - including RUCKUS R320 access points, RUCKUS ICX 7150 PoE switches and RUCKUS Cloud technology. These delivered a complete, scalable, and  high-performance  network  system,  powering 106 hotspots throughout each hotel building across 4 hotels, providing free, seamless WiFi to the 1,000 guests that enter GPHL hotels every day.



With the CommScope-RUCKUS suite of solutions in place, GPHL now had centralised control and monitoring of their entire network which could be easily managed, despite having a lean IT team.

Using CommScope-RUCKUS technology resulted in a massive upgrade in traffic-bearing and Wi-Fi coverage for GPHL’s guests, which reduced downtime by 70%. RUCKUS Cloud also gave GPHL visibility and control over all their sites without the burden of extra hardware maintenance, in addition to monitoring usage in real-time.

From recent guest surveys, customer satisfaction level with Wi-Fi connection improved significantly, with a 50% reduction in customer complaints and IT support calls. Given this success, GPHL has plans to further expand their partnership with CommScope-RUCKUS, with plans to deploy to the rest of their hotels in phases.



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