CloudVision® is Arista’s modern, multi-domain management platform that leverages cloud networking principles to deliver a simplified NetOps experience. Unlike traditional domain-specific management solutions, CloudVision enables zero-touch network operations with consistent operations enterprise-wide, helping to break down the complexity of siloed management approaches.

As Arista’s platform for Network as-a-Service, CloudVision is designed to bring OpEx efficiency through automation across the entire network lifecycle - from design, to operations, to support and ongoing maintenance.

CloudVision is built on a Network Data Lake (NetDL) architecture that leverages realtime state to provide an abstraction of the physical network to a broader, network-wide perspective allowing for a more efficient approach for several operational and network telemetry capabilities including the following highlights:
  • Multi-domain scope, bringing consistent network operations to Data Center, Campus, WAN/Interconnect, Media & Entertainment, and multi-cloud use-cases
  • Cloud-native architecture, offered with the same feature set across both cloud service (SaaS) and on-prem appliance (virtual or physical) deployment options.
  • Real-time state streaming for network telemetry and analytics - a modern approach to replace legacy polling per device
  • State repository, analytics engines and telemetry views to provide an unprecedented level of granularity in real-time monitoring and historic network state for forensic troubleshooting
  • Cognitive analytics, leveraging the rich NetDL data source as the basis for training AI/ML models to generate better recommendations and insights for operators
  • Turn-key automation with CloudVision Studios for initial and ongoing provisioning, ZTP as-a-Service, configuration management and network-wide change control–including automated upgrades, network rollback, and network snapshots
  • Compliance dashboard for security audit, patch and lifecycle management
  • Support for the Unified edge, with wired and wireless views and dashboards, including IoTvision™
  • NetDevOps workflows, providing extensibility for CloudVision to integrate into a broader continuous integration (CI) pipeline
  • Cloud Tracer™ for visibility into the availability of network connectivity and services across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Macro-Segmentation Services to provide automated and seamless service insertion with integrations by partner security platforms
  • IP Broadcast operations, including specific dashboards and Media Control Services (MCS) integration with technology partners
  • Centralized API gateway for both northbound and southbound integrations, leveraging OpenConfig, gRPC, and REST APIs
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