Cognitive Wi-Fi

Simple, Scalable, Secure

Wi-Fi is the primary access mechanism for devices in enterprise networks, and the number of devices continues to expand along with the amount of data being transferred. Ensuring devices have seamless connectivity and smooth application experience is critical and requires the Wi-Fi network to perform flawlessly. Arista’s Cognitive Wi-Fi provides reliable connectivity, automatically optimizes connections as network conditions change and delivers actionable intelligence to network administrators.


Unmatched Visibility

Arista Wi-Fi provides network administrators full visibility of the entire wireless network through a single graphical network topology map. Every state of client connectivity is tracked to provide rich telemetry data that allows admins to understand the root cause of any issues. Multi-function radios in access points and the patented AI/ML driven App Quality of Experience engine provides auto root cause analysis and auto remediation while also providing a whole new level of visibility into user experience. As networks scale up with more access points, this visibility is crucial to efficiently manage and maintain the network.

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