Software built to digitise and automate the workplace

Our software is expertly crated to ensure both customers and employees have unrivaled digital interaction, designed to bolster producvity and boost positive experiences

Process Digitisation

Digitise your business processes quickly and easily by converting paper-based processes to digital, creang a more productive work environment for your customers and employee

Process Automation

We help you model your automation process, orchestrate and execute approval processes and digital signature workflows, enabling faster execuon and reduced manual effort.


Get more done in a day and leave work knowing important tasks are done and dusted while having peace of mind because SigniFlow continues working even when you don't.


Business transformation software

Our software automates business processes, digitises workflows, eliminates manual errors, reduces paper usage, and speeds up document processing. This saves time and resources while enhancing the user experience.

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Digital Signing Service (DSS)

SigniFlow DSS enables your company to generate trusted digital signatures and seals with a certificate hosting signing keys, suitable for both bulk workloads and individual transactions.

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Private Tenant

Private Tenant and Self-Hosted Private Tenant solutions are suitable for on-premise, private cloud, or public cloud deployments.

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Cloud Solution

Our cloud-based eSignature software provides advanced document workflow solutions. Choose from nine global data centres to store your data with confidence

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