Management, data, and control plane independence.

Enterprises viewed network segmentation as a necessity to accomplish Network security and as a relief from limitations on Layer 2 domains. Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) became the de facto standard for segmentation. It provided a mechanism for segregating Business units, zones, and security.

However, VLANs provide a minimal set of security and separation within the average Enterprise network. While it is true that a user on a given VLAN cannot directly communicate nor access information on the other VLAN, the use of Denial of Service (DOS) attacks may cause impact to the other VLANs traffic and communication.

The only true multi-tenant SASE architecture on the market. 

Versa Networks is the only true multi-tenant solution on the market enabling organizations to achieve management plane, data plane, and control plane multi-tenancy at the cloud, headend, data center, branch, and edge device locations. Versa SASE has built-in, native segmentation with true multi-tenant implementation. Each Versa SASE on-premises VOS implementation is able to support up to 256 separate tenants.

This provides flexibility to host multiple customers, lines of business, or functions per instance while maintaining separation between each customer’s traffic. Further, each tenant is able to have multiple virtual routing and forwarding tables (VRFs), VLANs and service chains with full separation of control plane, data plane, and management plane. No other solution on the market can come close to this level of segmentation.

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