BricsCAD Mechanical

Advanced Mechanical design

  • Parameters manager. The parameters manager panel gives you one place to control all parameters in a drawing, with user-defined filters.
  • Alignment and orientations for 3D constraints. 3D constraints can now accept geometric features as arguments. Also, the spatial position of these arguments can be controlled by flags.
  • Parametric arrays of mechanical components. Parametric components, and component-based features can now be grouped into associative arrays.
  • 30000+ parametric standard parts. A library containing 30,000 standard mechanical components is available in the Components panel. Parts can be inserted into your assembly using drag'n'drop.
  • Automatic exploded representation of assemblies. Assemblies can be automatically exploded in multiple ways. Exploded representations are created based on disassembly without collision.
  • Sync folded and unfolded representations. Changes made to an un-folded sheet metal part will propagate back to the original 3D sheet metal model.
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