Fujifilm LTO Ultrium8 Data Cartridge


- Deliver the maximum 30TB of storage capacity, twice the capacity of the previous generation
- Cost effective, secure and long term data storage
- Fast data transfer rate of 750MB/sec.

Main features:

(1) Unique BaFe magnetic particles to achieve the storage capacity of 30TB

  • Fujifilm has developed its unique NANOCUBIC technology*** to produce even smaller BaFe magnetic particles than those used in the LTO7. The magnetic particles are separated by highly controlled dispersion process evenly dispersed and the tape surface roughness is controlled, achieving smooth surface of magnetic layer with enhanced NANO coating technology. The data recording density has also been improved to record 6,656 data tracks in 12.65mm-wide tape to achieve the storage capacity of 30TB (12TB for non-compressed data), double the capacity of the LTO7.

(2) Advanced level of convenience and reliability

  • LTO8 allows for high speed data transfer at 750MB/sec. (360MB/sec. for non-compressed data)
  • It provides high quality signal and low error rate. In addition, appropriate material design has allowed for high tracking performance and durability for the magnetic heads in the tape drives, boosting reliability with stable and excellent performance.

(3) Perfect media for cold storage, offering secure and long-term storage of massive data at a low cost

  • The LTO8 has superior TCO*8 to HDD, capable of holding large amount of cold data in low cost.
  • Create “air gap” data protection, physically isolated from the network, which minimize the risk of data damage or loss caused by system failures, infection with computer viruses and cyberattacks.
  • An accelerated life test*9 has indicated that magnetic tape, with greater stability, is reliable to store data for more than 50 years.

Main specifications:

Capacity (at 2.5x compression) 12TB (30TB)
Maximum transfer rate (at 2.5x compression) 360MB/sec. (750MB/sec.)
Number of tracks 6,656 (32 track heads in the serpentine format)
Cartridge memory 130,816Bits (16,352byte); internal EEPROM with electromagnetic induction antenna
Tape width 12.65 mm
Tape thickness 5.6 μm
Tape length 960 m
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